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  • Very dull what smartphone query.
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    Sorry, done to death I know but I imagine the answer changes all the time as new one come out.
    I’m advising my 66yr old mother on her first smartphone. Simple needs- Phone, text, check email, take/send/receive photos of grand kid, maybe Facebook and maybe the odd train and flight times app. Really can’t see it being more stretching than that.

    It’ll have to be Vodafone as that’s the only network she gets reliable signal for, will need to be not too faffy as I’m 700 miles away so can’t sort it for her too easily and after cashback/ redemption deals come in close to her current £15pm sim only deal inc phone.

    What handset would you be recommending? iPhone fanbois here and the world of android looks full of options(and amazing vfm!)?

    Just watched The Gadget show on the sky box, looked like a few options for your Mam to consider. Not sure if it’s this weeks or last weeks show.


    HTC Wildfire S

    I got one of these.

    Very cheep and works well.


    TESco got some corking deals too I think the Wildfire S is about £7.50 at the mo, and surely that would be easiest for her to walk into if she’s having problems.

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    wife has wildfire s …..great first smartphone


    We got the MiL an Android phone a few months ago, she totally screws it up at least once a week
    I’ve no idea how she does some of the things she does with it, I keep meaning to look at locking it down

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    Blackberry. Battery life and real buttons.


    My mum can barely answer the phone any more now she has a smart phone. Some people are just better off with real keys.

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    Thanks for the thoughts so far.

    Munqe-chick…sadly has to be voda so tesco is out I think (I think they use O2)

    Cougar…I had thought blackberry though looking at the wife’s one has the screen size isn’t the best for grand child photo boasting with the other blind old crones.

    ac282 & jota180 ….these are my concerns too!

    ginger….I’ll give it a look but there might be violence to the telly if I have to sit through that long winded competition nause or listen to too much of the bespectacled dude without at least having SP’s arse as a distraction.

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