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  • Very 1st payslip circa 1981
  • 1st weeks wage for me as an apprentice plant/vehicle mechanic for (then) Durham Rural District Council in February 1972 was £7.26. My Mum let me keep it all.


    First proper job started in October 1985 at £ 150 per week. Slightly more than doubled my take-home compared with the postgrad student grant I’d been on before.

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    1984 – the YTS paid £24.00 per week except the agricultural trades equivalent I was on was £15.00 iirc. Folks had £7.00 for house keeping.

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    1997 cushy civil service job – £15k per year
    Minimal rent and living it up in Edinburgh – happy days


    Worked a Saturday job at Marks & Spencers in MCR from 1979.£13 a day.Canteen lunch time M&S meal was a subsidised 5p with a staff voucher!
    A pint of OB’s bitter at my local was 28p.My beer to wages ratio hasn’t really improved that much 🙁

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    £1.94 p/hr stacking shelves in Morrison’s at 15 in 1995. A year later I got a job in the hospital laundry paying £3.47, I couldn’t believe my luck! (If I didn’t get that job, I probably wouldn’t be where I am today, so more lucky than I realised at the time.)

Viewing 6 posts - 46 through 51 (of 51 total)

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