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  • dazzydw

    Can’t remember the last time i posted on here. I’d like to think i’ve been too busy riding but thats just a massive lie.
    Going back to Bike Verbier this summer, this time with the lad, so need some opinions on whats the latest. With Phil&Lucy now not guiding we’re going to have to find the trails for ourselves.I have been many times but years ago and always just followed. Not sure i’d recognise much of the trail network.

    SO i reckon i need to get a GPS rather than rely on the phone. If i wanted a basic GPS which is GREAT for mapping and signal (in the alps) and doesn’t do any of the heartrate cadence power connectivity stuff what would you recommend?
    I know Lucy has trail maps ready to go, but if any forumites have some recent route advice…?

    I’ve resisted the ‘must get a new bike’ pull. I will be riding my trusty orange5 26″. Was going to get some HighRollers or Minions – I’m assuming they are still the best for the job? They were when I last looked.

    Premier Icon nickdavies

    You can rent a gps from the tourist information in Verbier with all the enduro/dh/itineraries etc preloaded. If it’s a one trip job that’s probably the best way of doing it save splashing for a new one. All the routes are free downloads from the website if you do buy your own.

    Any of the bike garmins with gps will do – I use an edge 810 as it’s got sd card storage for large maps but you’ll fit Verbier on a 520 easily enough.

    No need for a new bike, I use my 26er strive out there happily, will you be able to get minions in that size though? I really struggled last time so bought a few to see the bike to retirement when they came up.

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    Check what lifts are open first so you don’t get stuck, but if you can get back than over Col des Mines and down towards Siviez (lots of options) is very dramatic


    If you want guiding, I would highly recommend Pure Biking Verbier

    The team there know Phil & Lucy I believe. Really nice guys and showed my wife and I some excellent trails. Might be different when you have more time to navigate by yourself over the holiday.

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    If you want a guide I can highly recommend Matt @ Alpine Roots:

    Premier Icon boobs

    I have used Matt at alpine roots too, nice bloke.
    Recommended 🙂


    Thanks for the links mrmo – really good website, even recognised a few trails from the past.
    Purebikingverbier have discounted rates for bkeverbier guests so looks like a favourite, but will check out alpine roots too.

    As for tyres – several places still offer 26″ HighRollers. But i need to decode the compounds and abbreviation crap. Does anyone know if their width actual matches the advertised number? They used to come up narrow, a 2.35 was more like a 2.1″


    Dazzy – if you are looking for Maxxis tyres in 26in, I got a few from Bike Discount and Bike Components, both based in Germany. For Maxxis, 3C I think is the one to go for if cash is no object (and you are looking for grip). Dual Compound ones are fine for a rear. Most of those will be EXO protection, but you can get Double Down (which I think are more hard wearing for DH). I don’t have any double down tyres, but I was doing more Alpine Trails then pinging it down the bike park.

    I think the old High Rollers in 2.35 used to be a lot thinner (I not measured it accurately ever, but still have a knackered one in the roof that won’t hold air tubeless); Maxxis have changed their measurements I think, so the new HR2 in 2.3 or 2.4 is bigger than the 2.35. I have got some Wide Trail (WT) tyres which come up a bit fatter if fitted on wider rims which they are designed for – although I only run them on not massively wide Stans Flow wheels. I have a Minion DHF 2.5WT 3C and a Minion DHR2 2.4WT 3C. Both a bit less easy to pedal than a HR2, but I think the grip is a bit better.

    Maxxis do loads of tyres now, but their website does help you look at the whole range quite easily. Good luck and hope trip planning goes well.

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