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  • Verbier – hearing bikers getting it in the neck.
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    Not heard anything about that, but I can definitely vouch for the quality of the riding Bike Verbier are doing well away from the Verbier bowl. Empty trails, no police, and plenty of seriously epic biking in some off-the-beaten-track areas that no one else is riding. Check – they’ve got photos on there and all sorts. Great guides and grub, too.


    “hearing bikers getting it in the neck”
    Are the deaf ones ok?


    Little bird told me the local cops were cracking down on bikers. Always been a little bit of friction with walkers, quite a few trails are supposed to be out of bounds for us. Never been pulled up myself and just love the place but hearing the police are getting heavy. See Bike Verbier have moved out of the village itself, now down in the valley below.

    Anyone heard anything? Apologies if I’m spreading false rumours.

    this is Lucy from Bike Verbier on Phil’s login. last summer there was a problem with the police due to some walkers (english) dragging out an old law about trail access. this is being sorted out now with the commune and tourist office and it is business as usual for us. we moved out of Verbier as we were able to buy and renovate a chalet especially for bikers which is much more central to all out riding as only a small proportion of our trails are in Verbier itself.
    The chalet still sleeps 12 and is bigger, more luxurious and even has its own bar in the garage.
    cheers Lucy

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    sounds awesome – must stop in for half a lager sometime 🙂

    edit: then again, please tell me you don’t serve Swiss beer 😉

    I remember on a (fantastic) holiday with bike verbier a few years ago we were doing some trail away from the main area and this german guy who had climbed up on this boulder started waving his arms and shouting at us saying “I zink you are dizrezpectin zee nature, no”. I still laugh when I think of that. Rob was guiding and he was very polite and diplomatic.

    Right, I’m off to dizrezpect zee nature.


    Lucy, thanks for clarifying. Roll on summer in Switzerland.


    really excited now!! There’s a gang of us over with Bike Verbier in June and its my first time riding in the Alps. Glad to hear there’s no longer any issues.

    more luxurious and even has its own bar in the garage


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