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  • Mounting kit is crap. Let me know of you make summit good?


    use the little tie clip thing wrap some tape around the muvi and the clip, ensure the clip opens as the clip sometimes realeases the camera, then clip onto the top front strap of your rucksack.

    or tape onto a brake hose both work for me, or the seat pillar facing back or forward.

    Always use insulation tape, and i also use the lanyard as well loping it onto the bike.


    Is the Muvi the little narrow, tall Veho camera? I’ve got one and the mounting devices really are crap. Almost makes it unusable.
    I bought the ‘extreme sports kit’ purely for the helmet mount and while that is quite good, the fact that there is no audible confirmation that you have pressed the record button means it’s a bit of a leap of faith as to whether you have pressed the button hard enough.

    I tried it clipped onto the strap of my rucsack but it wasn’t great footage. The field of view kept sweeping left/right as I moved around the bike. I am thinking facing backwards on the seat tube will work quite well.

    Premier Icon Simon

    My mate knocked a goggle mount for his with the clip thing and some thin aluminium. This Mega qually vid was done using it, check out our other mate’s crash at 10.26.


    Hi all. Had a quick play today with my new Veho Muvi and to be honest, the mounting stuff you get with it doesn’t seem well suited to shoving on a bike! I’m going to have a play with it on my lid etc and see if I can fabricate a chest strap but just wondering what other people use (and examples of your work would be good too!).


    Premier Icon mtbmaff

    Thanks Simon, that looked like fun 🙂

    Cheers all. Going to have another play with mounting it on my lid.


    This is what I got off mine helmet mounted,

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    Oops messed that up lol

    Premier Icon colournoise

    Used to mount mine on the headtube using velcro straps and some tape.

    Never found a reasonable way of mounting on a helmet.

    slainte ➡ rob

    Big Dave

    I had a chinese copy of a Veho Muvi. I suspect the rubbish mounting kit was the same. I attached mine to my bike helmet with a generous length of old boot lace:

    It worked quite well until the camera fried whilst being charged up.

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