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  • edlong

    Thing is, every time they close a green lane to 4x4s etc. doesn’t that just increase the pressure on other green lanes that are still open?

    Good, better to ban motor vehicles and keep the track for the other 99% of users than end up like Stanage, Chapel Gate, Houndkirk etc.

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    Let the gnashing of teeth and ‘we will be next’ cries begin as the Peak Park announces that motorised recreational vehicles are set to be banned from The Roych track.

    Full meeja release:

    D 1057
    For Immediate Release

    Recreational vehicles are banned from a Peak District green lane

    The Peak District National Park Authority is to exclude trail-bikes, quad-bikes and 4x4s from a Derbyshire green lane, to protect the special qualities of the national park.

    The Authority’s Audit, Resources and Performance committee decided a Traffic Regulation Order is necessary on the Roych.

    The Roych is a 3.5km section of the Pennine Bridleway, near Chapel-en-le-Frith.

    The decision follows a public consultation during which the Authority received around 2,500 responses, with over 1000 objecting to the proposed TRO and more than 1235 individuals and organisations in support of a ban.

    Christopher Pennell, Audit, Resources and Performance committee chair, said: “We have not taken this decision lightly. The Roych is a very popular route with many different users but it crosses some of the most environmentally-sensitive areas of the national park.”

    The Roych is in the Dark Peak – an iconic landscape of sparsely settled area of gritstone uplands with characteristic moorland, deep valleys, upper valley pastures and gritstone walls.

    He said: “We considered partial regulation, but past attempts, on a voluntary basis, to partially restrict use by 4x4s and trail bikes has failed. The status quo was unacceptable and doing nothing was not an option.

    “In light of evidence and feedback during public consultation, our members felt they had to use the powers Parliament gave them to restrict motorised recreational traffic in this particular case to protect the natural beauty and amenity of the Roych and its surrounding, stunning landscape.”

    The Roych is a very popular route, high levels of use has led to conflict between users, vehicles have left the highway, both to avoid difficult features and to link to Chapelgate nearby. A large amount of public funding has already been spent on the route and the levels of use were damaging repaired sections.

    The Authority has committed extra resources to addressing the issue of managing green lanes, despite budget cuts in other areas.

    Mr Pennell said: “In this case a full, permanent Traffic Regulation Order was deemed necessary for what is a highly valued National Trail for walkers, cyclists and horse riders.”

    The exclusion does not include wheelchairs or electric disability scooters and Trampers.

    Detailed route management information is available at

    More information is available on


    There ban the vehicles then put all that black gravel down like on Chapel Gate or repair it in a manner like the top of Jacobs Ladder which is crap.Then again they can spend all that money using helicopters to repair all the damage walkers have done on the top of Kinder Scout strange area the Dark Peak.


    Love to see someone take a mobility scooter down Royce clough!

    Be odd to see how it turns out, I.e will the chicken line to the left become the main route & just get wider & wider?

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