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  • Roter Stern

    Anything made by Quorn gets my vote. The ‘boring’ veggie burger tastes so good I have had meat eating friends of mine chose to eat one over the meat alternative. How about Indian food? Samosa, pekora etc? If you want to get creative then stuffed peppers always go down well.


    I was looking at a feta -pine nut-stuffed pepper recipe this morning actually.


    the quorn quarterpounders served with melted gorganzola and onion chutney always go down a storm.


    Massive mushrooms as burgers are good, as are thick slices of aubergine. Lots of dips and curry type accompaniments

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Racing Ralph said what I was going to say.

    Everyone will want to eat the mushrooms, so get plenty!


    maybe some gridled cardboard?

    BBQ’s and veggies…erm.. Mushrooms are the only thing I can think of.

    Do they still eat chicken though? 😆

    Eh? What?

    Are they touring again? How did I miss that!

    *Scuttles off to Ticketmaster….*

    Premier Icon xherbivorex

    if the veggie isn’t opposed to meatlike vegetarian products, then there’s a brand called frys that makes by far THE best burgers and sausages for BBQ use…
    whenever i have a BBQ, i always make up some veggie skewer things too- small mushrooms, chunks of red pepper, courgette, red onion, tofu and possibly sweet potato marinated in a BBQ sauce first then threaded onto soaked wooden skewers… turn them occasionally and reapply some BBQ sauce from time to time.
    or if you REALLY want to impress them, make some seitan. but that gets messy and time-consuming, although it’s usually worth it.


    hi all, Mrs. G is having a girls night in BBQ wednesday ( I’m off to see ZZTOP ) and one of the guests is a vegetarian.

    Can any of you recommend something other than the old boring veggie burger for her for the BBQ?


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    Get some haloumi cheese, it doesn’t melt but crisps-up and has a great feta-like flavour, try this:


    Premier Icon BigJohn

    Pop some asparagus in a pan of boliing water for 3 minutes to blanch it then put it on the barbie just so it colours up. I usually griddle it. Sort of like a savoury toffee.


    captn… doesnt look like they are spending long in the UK… one date is all I see…
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    thanks all for the comments.. I was also thinking.. just thinking of grilled mushrooms.. but wouldnt ya know it… we can’t get nice big field mushrooms here.


    Get some bamboo skewers and add in liberal quantities a selection of:
    pitted olives
    …and anything elses which you can trhead onto a stick.
    If you also get some tortilla wraps then you can burn cook the things on sticks then fill up the tortilla and eat away. Worked well on Friday night in a muddy field on the outskirts of Bristol.


    Fish and prawn is always a winner 😀


    Puts me in mind of a Frankie Boyle gag:

    “Is there a vegetarian option?”
    “Yeah, you can F*** off”



    Veg / Haloumi kebabs

    Vegetarian option?

    A nice sirloin steak.

    Cows are vegetarian.


    Yeah, +1 for paneer and halloumi…halloumi can break if you thread it on to skewers in too small pieces though. Paneer threads more easily but halloumi is much nicer on a barby. If you have a griddle pan without gaps, then use that for the halloumi. It goes very well with barbecued asparagus and with big portobello mushrooms. Warning with halloumi, make sure it’s the last thing that she cooks, once it goes even lukewarm, it gets very rubbery.



    peppers stuffed with rice,garlic and haloumi
    haloumi kebabs


    oh and a swimming pool full of beer

    Jedi, the key here is

    “girls night in”

    Hence your post should have finished with

    oh and a swimming pool full of baby oil, yeah baby! YEAH!

    Coat on, taxi!


    we don’t have a swimming pool… they are in process of building one next door but you’d need like a truck load of baby oil.


    *phoning delivery companies*

    looks like rain for wednesday night anyway…ages since I’ve done the old concert in the mud thingy.

    Premier Icon mangoridebike

    Thin slices of courgette, nicely covere in olive oil with a good mix of salt and pepper, on the bbq for a couple of minutes (or more depending on how thin you can cut them 😉 ) tomatoes work well on the bbq too, cherry tomatoes should balance nicely on the grill bit. Those two with a nice thick bit of foccacia mmm 🙂


    juan – captnflash.. you’re not really clear on the concept of being a veggie are you? *L*

    I take the French view of vegetarianism.

    Veggie for 30 years +.

    Quorn is revolting, I wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole. If your veggie guest is a long-termer they will probably think likewise and not thank you for it. Also the great majority of commercial veggie burgers on the market are almost equally as revolting. Generally fatty, tasteless, bland, squishy, yukky. Certainly anything from mainstream supermarket chains generally falls into this. I have no idea why they make them.

    For anything pre-made, Cauldron foods are amongst the slightly better ones (if you can find them). Otherwise I’d recommend “Clear Spot” Sea cakes. eg: .

    Haloumi is pretty nasty rubber, but some like it. Very over rated IMO

    Biggest disappointment for veggies is not getting any protein though at these doos. Not difficult but you need to change your approach. May be too much to ask for a non-vegie to pull this one off really well.

    Better still to do your own. Marinate veggies (and don’t forget the aubergine) in good qualilty cold pressed olive oil, tamari and a sweetener (eg some wizzed mango or peaches).

    Boil some kidney beans (never from tins, please), use to make up your own burgers (need egg if they will eat it to help to set). Use fresh herbs, tamari, chilli, fruit, onion, etc. Add lots of ground nuts, seeds and any sort of flaked grains (eg Millet, oats, quinoa..). Need careful handling as can be delicate without added rubber which supermarkets would put into them.

    Make fresh yeasted bread dough (Wholemeal/spelt etc). Make up small flatbreads, coat them in good olive oil and cook thm on BBQ. Can’t beat it and even the meaties will want to scoff them.

    Premier Icon xherbivorex

    mountaincarrot- good call on the clear spot tofu seacakes. they are amazing.
    however i disagree re cauldron foods; both redwood foods and frys make far far superior burgers and sausages to them, with a lower fat and higher taste content.
    also, clear spot’s tofu itself is loads better than cauldron’s.
    when it comes to making your own, there’s a recipe in a cookbook called the veganomicon for chickpea cutlets that are fantastic on a bbq too, but they involve using vital wheat gluten (aka gluten flour/powder), which can be difficult to track down in the UK…


    Quorn is revolting, I wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole. If your veggie guest is a long-termer they will probably think likewise and not thank you for

    Coming from a family of vegies and being one myself for over 20years this is just rubbish, loads of veggies love quorn products.
    For me I would do Haloumi and mushrooms


    fresh fruit + wine wrapped in tin foil to roast and soak good for all to consume and gets you pi55ed as well
    PS you are cooking an a seperate BBQ aren’t you as some/most/all wont eat it off a meat one.


    Fussy eaters shouldn’t accept invitations to dinner and then dictate the menu.

    How intolerant am I on this topic!?

    But seriously, what is the point in vegetarianism?

    What is it that is so wrong about eating meat?

    There are much more important things to worry about IMHO.

    Premier Icon xherbivorex

    here we go…


    Nice to see the usual STW ‘tolerance’ bubbling to the surface again

    If someone said “I can’t chew steak with my false teeth” would you do them a burger? Of course you would.


    Well, how can people who work in cubicles and have a fascination with “flat food” (ie that which can be slid under a door without damaging it) understand other possibilities regarding choice and beliefs?
    After all no one who programs is odd at all are they?
    or who may actually be about 14 but because this is the internet they can just be randomly rude and ignorant about other people who they’ll never meet. Thank God.
    Although to be fair, quorn mings. Its just chicken texture GM protein wrapped uo to make people who can’t face the possibility that fuffy bunnikins might go from cage to plate but love the texture of meat and have not enough imagination to find all the really good cooking that’s out there.


    Courgette, cut in half, glazed with honey and sprinkled with some spice (BBQ mix works well, or thai spices). BBQ until blackened.


    I quite like veggie food actually. 😀

    Premier Icon xherbivorex

    quorn, as i’ve stated before, is athlete’s foot with great PR.

    (i’ve never eaten it myself, as it contains egg)

    xherbivorex – Member
    quorn, as i’ve stated before, is athlete’s foot with great PR.

    Genius! nearly spat out my rather lovely cumberland sausage sarnie over that!

    Premier Icon xherbivorex

    cheers cap’n.


    spongebob… who said a thing about fussy eaters trying to dictate…
    she ( the guest ) has said nothing.. we knew she was veggie when we, or rather my wife, invited her.

    all we are trying to do is offer her an appetizing meal, as I would offer any guest.

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