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  • Freester

    So I moved over from BT ADSL to VDSL last week (I was in contract so had no choice to move to another provider).

    They sent me a shiny new BT Smart Hub (aka HH6) and it’s carp. The wireless performance is slow. Devices keep dropping off the network, can’t find my Sonos on the network etc etc. I’ve got a fair few devices connected wirelessly > 10. Mobile devices, 2 Chromecasts, Sonos etc. I tried wiring in one of my Sonos and using the Boost network but it’s still playing up. Online advice says try separating the 2.4 and 5Ghz SSIDs but my Chromecasts stopped working.

    When I was on ADSL previously I gave up with the HH4 which had similar problems and used an old TP-Link Archer. 2.4Ghz only but ran like a dream. Unfortunately it’s ADSL only.

    I guess I could use the TP-Link as an AP only? Reading online I can’t run the HH as modem only?

    Otherwise it may be time to splash the cash on a new modem / router?

    To add to the confusion I fully expect BT to be applying a price rise soon – if that happens I’m off to another supplier so would be wanting it to be compatible with other BB suppliers. Is it right that a lot of routers don’t work with Sky (if I went with them)?

    Long rambling essay I just want my home network to work again.


    Super fast compared to home products!


    superb bit of kit. If you go with the Vac version you can run multiple VOIP lines as well to give you a free additional line.


    Drytek Vigor is our go-to Router in work (IT Support) it’s a great bit of kit, totally reliable etc – but it’s expensive and it’s not really consumer kit, it needs a level of expertise to set-up. The 2760 is cheaper than the 2780 and more than enough for home use.

    If all your issues are Wi-Fi related and not internet per-se, you could do worse than using a Unifi WAP, again, they’re not really consumer units, but they’re pretty easy to set-up. It’ll give you much greater range than the router wi-fi


    I’ve been looking at one of the Vigor models to create a VPN connection to a home server, has anyone done this? Plus it says supports USB 3G/LTE dongles for a backup network, which ones are compatible? I know there’s a model with dedicated sim support but it’s quite a bit more money.

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    Why not just connect your old router to the BT one using a cable and use WiFi from it? So use the HH modem and the WiFi from the old device.


    I just switch off the Wifi on the HH and use a Ubiquiti Unifi which are excellent & very easy to set up & add more, really good range & rock solid. I’ve added a TP-link POE switch, which when you use a Ubiquiti instant you can power the unifi very easily, also used to power a camera.

    I did buy a BT openreach modem off ebay (purely a modem) so that I could use my Asus router but I’ve not got round to trying it yet. You’ll have to do some homework on using the openreach modem, there’s a few different models.

    Nothing wrong with the Drayteks either.


    Cheers all. That Draytek does look like the danglies. I’ve got a bit of know how so with my untrained part network knowledge and google fu I should be able to get it setup.

    I’ve looked at using the BT HH as a modem only but I don’t think it will do that. You can turn off the wifi but then you are using the TP-Link as an AP. I’m not sure this will get rid of all of the problems as the hub will still be allocating the IP addresses. I think.


    Sounds faulty, ask them to send you another


    fooman – Member
    I’ve been looking at one of the Vigor models to create a VPN connection to a home server, has anyone done this?

    I use IPSEC on these with no issues for remote workers but that’s Dreyteks <-> Fortigate Firewall. Haven’t tried any other types of VPN’s.

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    hub will still be allocating the IP addresses. I think.

    The HH will allocate an IP address to the TP-link, and the TP-link should allocate different addresses to your Wifi network. I have a similar arrangement using a Linksys WRT1900Acs as my main router/wifi access point and the ISP router (variously a TP-link, BT HH, plunet router etc depending on which ISP I’m with) as a modem only. I used to spend hours setting up fixed IP addresses and tinkering with DHCP pools but it turns out that with every ISP router I’ve tried the default setting works fine and it all sorts itself out.

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