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    Anyone had the egr valve replaced or fixed. It looks like it’s leaking and is the cause of the car emptying its coolant every few days.
    I’ve heard Vauxhall charge £1500 for parts and labour.
    How much from a local garage for the work roughly?
    Car is a 2011 Vauxhall Insignia SRI 2.0 diesel.


    Anyone had the egr valve replaced or fixed.

    yes, mine went wrong causing the car to hesitate and then refuse to move at all. My local garage charged about £350 I think. Once they’d fixed that a Service Warning Light came on, which they couldn’t track. Went to Vauxhall dealer who traced it to a faulty glow-plug which they replaced for £130.

    This was for an Astra. I wasn’t loosing coolant with mine, I think the valve was just locked open (or closed, which ever way around it was).

    Have a look at this site.

    You can choose the work at the see the cost up front and then book it in.


    unlikely to be the EGR if its leaking coolant but could be the EGR cooler. Different things – if you go in asking for an EGR an EGR and a price to match you will get .

    the EGR cooler shouldnt be too pricy – its a Vauxhall standard problem.


    It still runs perfectly well. Just drinks fluid. And seems to be leaking around the egr area. Only warning light we get is coolant level low.

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    It will be the egr vacuum tank the part is about £30 but the labour is 2-3 hours
    It’s quite a common water leak

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