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  • PSA – VAT on new bikes in Portugal slashed to 6%
  • campfreddie
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    Was just snooping around the Canyon website and noticed that the Portugal gov’ have slashed VAT on new bikes from 23% to 6% from 1st January. This makes a huge difference to pricing on even lower/mid-range models.

    For example, in the outlet section there is a brand new Torque CF8 with full XT, EX1700 wheels, Fox 38 Perf’ Elite and so on. The Portugal site gives and extra 10% code saving which brings the bike down to approx £2,700.00. This compares with the UK website price of £4,149.00

    £2,700 for a new carbon enduro bike with top spec is pretty amazing, even if you are anti-Canyon.


    £50 return flights to Madeira, plus £45 for a one way bike allowance.
    £200 for a cheap Air Bnb
    £??0 for a few days riding with Freeride Madeira

    New Canyon Spectral/Torque/Strive at RRP or less complete with free biking holiday in the sun! (Canyon bike box servces as flight box too).

    Obviously, you should go through the red channel on your way back into the UK and declare the bike for payment of taxes, but after a few days or hard riding and a very ‘used’ looking bike, it’s possible that you may forget.

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    Would you not need to give a billing address on the order?

    Whilst legally tax evasion, I’m struggling to morally object to it when a 40% , or even basic rate taxpayer gets a much higher discount via cycle to work.

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    Nice PSA the decathlon e cargo bike just became even more tempting

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    Whilst legally tax evasion, I’m struggling to morally object to it when a 40% , or even basic rate taxpayer gets a much higher discount via cycle to work.

    Indeed – lowering VAT on bikes would be a MUCH better way to appropriate the funds spent (or not accrued if being pedantic) on the cycle to work scheme. People with deep pockets would still save more on more expensive bikes, but it would still be more equitable and available to all. I’d probably limit the vat reduction to ‘utility’ bikes somehow (I appreciate the clarification could be divisive and a pain to administer – get manufacturers to apply for specific models in their range to get the exemption maybe) as a counter the the cost of living and fuel crisis.

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    Is confusion.
    Why don’t you just fly to Germany buy the bike, have an adventure in the Alps and then bring the bike back by plane, getting 100% of the German VAT taken off ( instead of just 14%)

    OK the weather in Madiera is helluva lot more biking orientated than Bayern at present 🙂

    I did a thread about exactly this about 2 or so years ago. Can’t recall if it was Canyon or Rose, but one of them basically promoted it on their website.

    Hell, what am I talking about, dozens of continental shops do this.

    I’m really struggling as to why you want to pay the 6% VAT?

    3. VAT refund on goods collected or purchased in the Canyon Showroom in Koblenz

    For goods collected or purchased at our showroom in Koblenz, we offer VAT reimbursement exclusively in collaboration with our partner Global Blue. If you have ordered the goods online in advance, you must enter a non-EU address as the billing address. This must be the same as your official residence address (as stated in your passport or other ID document). When collecting your order in Koblenz, please inform our staff that in addition to your receipt, you also require a Global Blue Tax-Free cheque and a stamped Global Blue return envelope for your VAT refund.


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