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  • We’ve been invited to Sweden for a friend’s anniversary party over the summer. They have a holiday home close to where they grew up in near Åstorp in Varmland.

    We’ve been over there before briefly for the same friend’s wedding (we flew into Oslo and drove a hire car from there which took about 3 hours I think) – I remember it as a lovely area with lots of forest and lakes but not a lot else. Not particularly hilly as I remember but I’m guessing there must be some cracking singletrack around in the woods.

    We’re thinking of seeing if we can book a self catering place nearby for the week and making a holiday out of it and am considering taking my bike along with me (probably the singlespeed).

    Anyone know that area of Sweden and care to offer some tips and advice on self catering accomodation, trails, places to visit and potential as a holiday destination?


    Try asking over at happymtb, someone will certainly be able to help you there. There’s quite a lot of active mountainbikers in Värmland from what I’ve heard.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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