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  • Various items inc. XFusion Vengeance HLR fork and various pedals
  • geetee1972

    I have a number of items for sale including the following (full descriptions below):

    – X-Fusion Vengeance HLR Fork
    – Burgtec Penthouse Flats MK3
    – Nukeproof Proton Pedals with Titanium axles
    – Look Keo Max 2 pedals
    – Shimano XT 10-speed shifter i-mount
    – Continental GP4000 23mm road tyres

    Full set of pictures for all items are HERE

    All prices include postage and payment should be made by the uber-contentious ‘Paypal Gift’ or in person if collecting. I know Paypal Gift is contentious, but I am a regular poster here and hopefully have enough profile to be trusted.

    My email is in my profile or you can text me on 07966 585 892
    Item descriptions follow:

    X-Fusion Vengeance Forks

    These are the HLR air sprung model so come with high and low speed compression and rebound adjustment. They are ostensibly a Fox 36 without the need to strip them down and service them every other ride, so the chassis is based around 36mm super stiff stanchions and they weigh 2.3kg.

    At full travel they are 170mm but they can be adjusted down in 10mm incremental steps all the way to 100mm if needed. They are currently set to 150mm. Putting them back is relatively easy but you need to take the lowers off to do this. They use a combination of spacers (like the Fox 36 forks) and a ladder/pin system. I’ve dropped these using a single 20mm spacer.

    The steerer is tapered and cut to 190mm with a star fangled nut in place; the axle is 20mm. Condition is excellent; there are barely any marks anywhere, not even the ‘usual signs of use’. There is some faint cable rub on the lower leg where the brake line has tracked, but it’s superficial and only in the lacquer.

    The story with these forks is simple; I bought them as a stop gap because I had a problem with my BOS forks that took over three months to fix. I knew when the problem arose that I could be in for a long wait (I was right) and so bought these to keep me riding.

    I chose these because they were less expensive than the alternatives but in use, they have been superb and I’ve since recommended X-Fusion to mates, several of whom are now running similar forks with great results. They work really very well indeed and aren’t just great for the money, they are great period. I would buy these again over Fox any day of the week.

    So the forks are about three months old and have had maybe a dozen rides and less than 300 miles on them hence why they are in such great condition. Even the crown is clean and free of any cable rub!
    Price is £380 (new is £610)

    Burgtec Penthouse MK3 Pedals

    Need little introduction. Super reliable pedals if a little heavy. Bought in the Alps when my Point Ones disintegrated their bearings. They were used for three days in the Alps and then a few days back home but in truth they are just too heavy for a trail bike and have now been replaced with something that will hopefully combine longevity with light weight.
    The pictures show their condition which I would describe as mechanically excellent and cosmetically good. They have all their original pins and none of these are bent or broken (a common sign of heavy use). The axles are solid with no play and they spin as if they were new.
    Price is £90 (new is £150)

    Nukeproof Proton Pedals

    These say cro-mo/ally on the bodies, but the axles are actually titanium as I retro fitted these from an older pair of magnesium bodied ones (the mag bodies are very soft and tend to rip pins out rendering the bodies useless over time).
    Condition is very good mechanically and cosmetically. There is no play in the axles and they have all their pins in place. They also come in their original box.
    Price is £65 (new is £125)

    Look Keo Max 2 Pedals

    About 18 months old but only about 800 miles use. They are in reasonable condition cosmetically and mechanically. There is some play in the axles but nothing that impairs their function. They will come with a set of grey clears (these give 6 degrees of rotation) that are relatively new (maybe five or six rides old).
    Price is £30 (new is about £110)

    Shimano XT 10-Speed Shifter (rear only)

    This is the i-spec mount, so you need to have Shimano brakes to attach the unit. You might be able to buy a band separately. It comes with both a new inner and outer cable and end stops. Condition is excellent; it’s a shifter so doesn’t really get much abuse!
    Price is £30 (new is £55)

    Continental GP4000 Road Tyres

    Used for two rides and less than 100 miles. I just didn’t like them compared to ‘open’ tubular tyres so I went back to my Vittorias. These are 23mm wide, black chilli rubber and weigh around 210g. In their original packaging and I have two available.
    Price £25 each or £45 the pair (new £45 each)

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