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  • Various bits for sale – seatposts, Brompton bits, Thomson, carbon, titanium
  • popps

    What colour is the bottle cage and would you post it?


    I can’t see pics.


    This is a link to the pictures:

    I’d happily post the bottlecage, but when you factor in the postage cost, you’d probably be better off finding an actual shop that does free postage.


    Instead of riding, I dediced to wasted a sunny day by clearing out the parts bin the other weekend. All prices are ONO, and I’ve tried to include a fairly representative online price were you to buy the stuff new.

    I’m based in London, and I prefer to meet people to hand stuff over than post it. I find that it’s easier and more civilised.

    All the photos should be here:…orSaleJune2013 apologies if they don’t show up, I have no idea what’s up with Picasa.

    I’m also advertising this stuff on LFGSS ( – sorry if this is bad ettiquette, but it was a mixed collection of stuff and my gut feeling was that some of it was better suited to there than here (and vice versa).

    Any questions, feel free to ask/PM me.

    In no particular order:

    CSN [Ribble own brand, aka Tifosi] seatpost (400mm, 31.6mm dia.) – £10

    This came off the same road bike and spent some time on my MTB. Not the lightest seatpost in the world, but looks the part. Scuffed from about 180mm down, could do with a wipe over.

    Ribble are currently asking £26.36 after all the discounts.

    [Unused] Thomson Elite seatpost (black, layback, 367mm, 30.9mm dia) – £40

    Bought for a bike that never happened. Never used. Merlin do them for £50.

    Spin Titanium “Monolithic” post (400mm, 27.2mm) – £55

    This came off of a friend who needed something with a bit more layback and was going to get used on my touring bike, but it’s a “large” 27.2mm and didn’t really fit my frame. I had a go (hence the marks on the bottom) but while a 27.2mm Thomson is actually 27.15mm, this appears to be a “true” 27.20mm.

    If you’re not putting it in that far (i.e. you’re sticking it on a MTB, say) or you’ve got a 27.2mm frame with a slipping seatpost, this could work for you.

    The first 300mm or so isn’t marked, and it’s long, titanium and pretty bling. These are “reduced” to £130 on the Spin website at the moment.

    Condor Strada seatpost (300mm, 31.6mm dia) – £12

    This is basically the same as the CSN, but 300mm instead of 400mm (and it’s never been fitted to an MTB).

    The top 120mm or so is clean, with the bottom 180mm being scuffed.

    £35 on the Condor website.

    Brompton pedals – £20 the pair

    Stock pedals from a Brompton, which I swapped off in favour of some ATAC compatible things shortly after I get them.

    Very clean, as I’d probably only done about 20 miles on them by the time I swapped them off.

    These are £40.50 on Brilliant Bikes.

    [Unused] Spin Quicklight titanium skewers – £20

    Black titanium quick releases – I didn’t get on with them, fitted them, wasn’t convinced, and stuck on some old Shimano ones.

    You might like them though, and they do look cool.

    They are £40 on the Spin website.

    Brompton saddle – £10

    This came off the same Brompton as the pedals – I simply found it too soft.

    Because of the design of Brompton saddles, if you want a further forward saddle position than your seatpost allows, this could be your answer. A very similar shape to a Charge Spoon, but softer.

    Based on the Brompton website, this would be about £25 without the pentaclip.

    [New] Thomson top cap (1.5″) – £3

    This was bought for the same bike as the Thomson seatpost. Currently £6 on Chainreaction

    [New] Elite Custom Race bottle cage – £3

    I don’t know why I’ve got this. I think that I may have won it somewhere? God knows.

    Currently £8 on Merlin.

    Shimano RS20 wheels, Ultegra 6700 12-23 casette, Vittoria Rubinos – £100

    A mid-level (105?) set of Shimano wheels that came off the same road bike as the bars and stem. They’ve not a great deal of use, and the tyres are reasonable even if the cassette is probably coming towards the end of its life. from memory the rear one could do with a true?

    From memory these wheels are fairly light and fast rolling. Having added wheels, tyres, etc, together I think that these would £230 or so new.

    Denton Cycles musette bag – £5

    I used to keep my tools in this, stop them from sloshing around in my bag. It’s just a very simple bag though, a bit of late 80s(?) fun.

    T-shirts – £5 each? (offers)

    Some classic forum related shirts from about 2008 or so. All are medium, and have only been worn a couple of times so are generally good condition (although I think that one may have a small moth hole near the bottom).

    Pretend that you’d OG LFGSS on that next trip to LMNH by wearing one of the following:

    Imma stay flashy (white)
    LFGSS weird skeletal bunny (black)

    Some crappy stickers – free with any other purchase

    A “secret Santa” gift, and I hate to throw stuff away. Free to anyone that wants them, as long as it’s not inconvenient to me (financially or otherwise).

    interested in the spin seat post please, email in my profile.
    cheers m.

    Might have skewers as well. There is email addy in your profile.


    I am interested in
    [Unused] Thomson Elite seatpost (black, layback, 367mm, 30.9mm dia) – £40
    I am based in London too.
    Could you drop me an email at maciej(dot)zukowski(at)hotmail(dot)com please.
    Any chance for a pic of the other side of the seatpost please?

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