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  • karnali

    Toying with getting a van as I replace the car. Will have a 2nd car that’s used for daily bits and bobs by wife. Van will do 2-3 short commutes, weekend duties withe the family and weekends away, holidays, bike and tri events.
    Must have double row of seats what’s out there vw, traffic, vivaro etc what else? Won’t be converted but the ability for one or 2 to sleep in it would be good. And the biggee for the wife is mpg, what do folks get from their vans?



    Ive got a vw t5 lwb transporter, 1.9 engine. It has 2 rows of seats, I can get a double air matress behind the rear seats if I want to sleep in it. It averages between 36 and 40mpg, this doesnt seem to alter much however I drive it.
    if you are carrying bikes the swb ones are a lot smaller, ok for only one or two, I had 5 people and 5 fully assembled bikes in mine fairly easily.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Lwb transit med high from back in 2001. Used to get 30-32 out of it. Couldn’t really get it outside that range no matter what I did.


    My 2.8 HDi Peugeot Boxer (LWB and high top) averages 33 on a long run and 28-30 locally.


    my t5 2.5 lwb sguttle (9 seats and lots of glass and gubbins) gets on average 30-32mpg.

    in a van more like 35 as its lighter

    if i drive at 60 on the motorway i can get 36-38 mpg


    I think my vivaro averages 36-38 an an average of short runs and an hours commute


    It averages between 36 and 40mpg

    We’ve got a 135bhp Vito that sits right in that bracket too. 45k miles at 37mpg iirc

    Premier Icon Sandwich

    At work the 06 Vivaro does about 37mpg the 2011 version is a couple of mpg better.


    lwb trafic. 35 to 40mpg.


    12 plate swb tranny. 125? Brake. Nigh on 30 mpg on country roads spanking it in builder mode. Not had it on a decent run yet..

    Premier Icon boxelder

    Mid 30’s from mine Martin – ’bout the same as Cal’s Sharan…..


    2004 2litre Transit, 85hp version. 39-40 mpg. Very little town driving though.


    2013 swb trafic, 34 to 42, crew cab, love it, 5 bikes across the way with front wheels off, and holdalls chucked on top did us better than expected.

    Premier Icon steveh

    I’ve owned lots of vans and the best my caluclated mpg figures for some of them are below. These would be over several fill to fill calculations and are the best I reliably got.
    Transporter 2.5 or 1.9 40mpg
    Vito 2.2 111 or 115 35mpg
    Trafic/vivaro 1.9 35mpg
    Trafic/vivaro 2.0 37mpg


    cheers, i’m thinking it will be a big diesel estate car instead 😥

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