Van insurce declined after fitting rear seats

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  • Van insurce declined after fitting rear seats
  • duir
      Direct line have refused my insurance after having rear seats fitted in my Transit Custom. Seats were fitted by a professional fitter to a high standard but they didn’t care.

      Any suggestions.

    Premier Icon Bez

    1. Try a different insurer
    2. Take the seats back out


    Phone Brentacre and have a conversation with a human?


    Try Aviva – they were good when I had my van.

    Premier Icon vincienup

    Were the seats fitted with Ford’s standard parts for the vehicle or is this a fully custom install? If it’s manufacturer parts installed on manufacturer installation points it’ll be easier than a full custom I think.

    Bez probably has it nailed though. Insurers will be worried about personal injuries and you’ve just increased the risk by increasing the number of people the van can carry without all the safety certifications the manufacturer would do.

    My Transit custom came with seats in rear done by company bought from they were the Tourneo fittings etc, all declared when insured. Someone like Adrian Flux might be able to help.

    Premier Icon dknwhy

    I second Brent acre.

    Premiums don’t change with mods – you just need to update them on anything you modify by completing a form and emailing it. They were £300 cheaper than direct line too for my Tourneo.


    Brentacre will insure that no problem.

    NFU insure ours and might be worth a call. It’s not a full camper conversion which reduced the options for insurance. Speak to a local branch not central.




    Ardian Flux

    All covered my van when it was fitted with additional seats and windows.


    Called Brentacre all sorted after 20 mins hardly any difference in price to Direct Line.


    Direct Line is a bunch of incompetent **** who seem to put more effort into advertising, saying how wonderful they are than actually being a decent company.


    Worth phoning around, it was always cheaper for me to insure a Berlingo car with 5 seats than earlier Berlingo van, as it was a non-commercial vehicle.

    Premier Icon Phil_H

    I’m with Aviva and have seats & windows in the back of my current van (and a remap).
    Their price was by far the best. They barely batted an eye about the modifications.
    I’v also used Adrian Flux & A plan to insure a van with seats fitted in the rear.

    Premier Icon johnnystorm

    Another happy Aviva user here with seats and windows added to my van. They also use live chat which is much less faff than sitting in a phone queue.

    Premier Icon kilo

    Direct Line is a bunch of incompetent **** who seem to put more effort into advertising, saying how wonderful they are than actually being a decent company.

    +1 refused to insure our house as it’s on a flood area – no other insurance company has a problem and the area Wimbledon has never flooded

    Called Brentacre all sorted after 20 mins

    You’re welcome.

    They should put me on commission. 


    brentacre use markerstudy as their under writer.

    i really hope you never have to claim for anything – let alone a personal injury claim caused by other drivers negligance.

    they have the breaking strain of a wet kitkat.

    in a sample of two cases that have been involved with them as the insured party within my immediate family they failed to fulfil their basic duty- in one case they had 3 dash cams off the following motorbikes showing the other party to be fully at fault and driving without due care an attention AND a police prosecution for the same. they still couldnt organise their case in a quotient manor and secure any form of compensation for the bits of totalled motorbike or the IP. simply not interested in doing so. they actually wanted to pay out to the other driver !

    then you think – well ill involve the omsbusman and you find out that becasue they are based in gibraltar the osbusman can do absolutely nothing

    i wouldnt use any one that insures using markerstudy no matter how painless they make it for modified vehicles.

    insurance for those who see it as a legal requirement and expect no more . might as well just set fire to the money.,

    you pay your money you take your chances but ill take mine else where

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