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  • Premier Icon tricky dicky

    I know these are frowned on but I have tried to gauge the value unsuccessfully so far.

    I built a Cotic Soul in December but a change of plans means I NEED to sell.

    I’m loathed to pay ebay fees so regard that as a last resort. Anyone care to comment on realistic asking price for this?

    Medium Mark 3 Frame with Tapered steerer tube.
    Finished in Cotic Orange.
    Fitted with Hope pick & mix headset.
    Frame has been helitaped with Invisiframe.

    Fox RLC 120 in Black.
    Factory spec FIT cartridge.
    15mm axle.
    Also fitted with Invisiframe kit

    Latest Hope Pro 2 Evo hubs (40T rear) on Stans Arch EX Rims (15mm F & 135x 9mm or 10 mm Bolt thru R).Fitted with Maxxis High Rollers.

    11-36T Rear cassette, Deore Crankset (2 x 10), Shimano Clutch Mech & Deore Brakes (160mm x 2)
    SLX 10 speed shifters
    XT 2 x 10 Front mech

    Finishing Kit
    Easton Haven ( stem 70mm bar 711mm & 400mm post).
    Hope Seat QR, Hope head doctor, 10mm Bolt thru rear QR all in Black.
    TI railed saddle
    ODI TLD grips
    Shimano DX pedals

    Its all brand new unridden apart from pedals grips and saddle.

    Thoughts please


    No replies to this one then?

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    General rule…
    50% of purchase price for the lack of any warranty, probably best to split.

    Also never tell people you are desperate to sell another 10% off.


    If you decide to split it, I might take the frame, headset, seat post, seat QR and rear axel.
    But would depend on price!

    Premier Icon tricky dicky

    Thanks for feedback.its brand new ridden once.
    Frame , seat clamp, post & hope headset now available

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Unfortunately it’s not brand new as that comes with warranty and manufacturer’s support. Trying not to be a pedant but it’s a big difference.

    If you want to flog it you should probably move over to the classifieds.


    About £800 I’d say IMO if it was mine I’d take wheels off an keep them an put some cheaper wheels on an sell for about 700 on eBay

    Premier Icon tricky dicky

    Split now, thanks for your advice.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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