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  • Valuable STWers input required
  • Good showers would do.

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    Secure bike storage, which is more difficult than it sounds.

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    A nosh barn with nightly stews, fresh bread, beer from the rack and good wine, a fire in the corner.

    Clothes dryers or Sheila's Maids in the boiler room.


    A really nice bog. I love a good clean toilet I do.

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    What's a posh campsite?

    Decent showers / toilets. Food (either cooked or to be cooked by campers) sold at reasonable prices on site.

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    Clean toilets, safe secure bike storage.
    Fresh bread and milk ordering and delivery the following moring as at most french campsites.

    Some friends of mine are setting a 'posh' camping site up in the Yorkshire Dales and along with the landowner they are looking at providing facilities for cyclists like you and me. As i am a friend and interested in the sport they have asked me for some ideas and input so i thought where better than stw forum to get some market research done.

    So any ideas of what you'd like either as an individual, group or family, whilst possibly staying in an area of outstanding beauty, rugged terrain, woods, hills etc with your bike/bikes? What facilities would you appreciate etc

    Thanks in advance

    Staff/warden on site,

    Food for bbq's, Milk, bread etc available to buy on site.

    A big roof so you don't have to put your tent up in the rain.

    Glamping. Hmmm

    1) Enough cleaned and reliable washing up area, showers and toilets. This means cleaning more when it's busy.

    2) Ground that is not – dirt, rock, bog, quite sloped.

    3) A few metres minimum between tents rule

    4) 10pm silence rule


    lap dancing girls serving the champagne and caviar


    if theres any big descents, uplift? van and trailer type thing
    seems popular in other places


    What's a posh campsite?

    A hotel?

    andy7t2 – Member
    lap dancing girls serving the champagne and caviar

    Agreed. Vintage, of course. The champagne that is, not the lap dancing girls.

    Oh, and how about a hot tub? 😉

    proper secure bike storage, (lockable individual store rooms with decent ground anchors installed.
    Space – i like a sense of some seclusion as not feeling my neighbors are in my space – ideally I dont want to see them, i dont want to hear them or smell them!! 👿
    good clean practical facilities rather than luxuries and sensible prices (lapdancers)


    I camp when I have to because its cheaper than a B&B, so a fancy campsite holds little attraction for me I'm afraid. I go where I go for the riding, and not for the place I stay.

    Mountain biking as portrayed here is the most middle class thing one can do, so I'm sure it will be a raging success…

    To make all members of the (hugely posh, naturally) Fopster family happy you would need:

    Clean showers and toilets, and enough of both to cope with a sunny bank holiday fully booked site.
    Pitches with some a space between them for a bit of privacy
    Trees for shade – not a flat empty field with a few staked saplings
    Decent shop for supplies
    Camp fires allowed
    Enforced noise curfew (to avoid grumpy sleep deprived kids/wives…) or separate kid free field for revellers
    BIke storage
    Kid friendly no traffic bike routes from site (and trails a short drive away)

    And the champagne as previously mentioned would be nice, but not essential.

    john duke

    a decent bike cleaning facility would be a big plus for multi day stays.


    Good showers and a drying room, maybe with washer and tumble dryer etc. On a camp/caravan site in Scotland they had a basic communal room for the tent dwellers, with tables, chairs and a cooking area.


    Maybe small hut where you could do repairs, maintenance etc…

    Thanks for all your responses, the business is called 'The Bivouac' website is up and running with a blog you can follow as it all develops over the next couple of months.

    It is a well developed area with plenty of mature woodland and other interesting features with the opportunities to join the existing bridleways that take you out into the Dales for bigger days out for those that fancy more of a challenge 😀

    If you think of any other things do let me know or go on the blogs at

    a jetwash to clean my bike with before i put it back into my car!


    Sounds great!

    NZ does campsites very well IMO

    Proper kitchen and washing area
    Good showers
    Good hose/jetwash
    A place to buy emergency food (or a pub nearby)

    But of course one must ask – what tyres for posh camping?


    Best campsite me and my lady went to was in Finland where there were lots of clearings in wooded areas where you could camp in your own sort of secluded area. Really a lot better than pitching up as we did at a site in Cornwall, going away for the day only to find tents either side only centimetre away from your own!

    Sauna was nice and shower facilities were good too.

    My friends inspiration has come from their travels round the world and so there will be a mixture of traditionally built wooden shacks and some yurt type tents too. There will be a couple of old farm barns that will become the office, extra shower block washing up etc etc plus hopefully an excellent cafe selling proper organic type food that you'll feel good after eating 😀 All i can say is watch this space should be good


    If they've camped in OZ, every campsite has BBQ facilities. Some communal and some with BBQs dotted around the campsite so you can pitch your tent and have your own BBQ and maybe even a bench to eat at.
    Would be nice to see this in the UK (maybe undercover). Most of them were simple brick built, easily done.

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