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  • Valencia – woohoo, where to stay and what to do
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    Hi, 25th wedding anniversary next month and my suggestion of a UK cabin with our dogs went down poorly(!) so wife has booked flights to Valencia, 3 nights mid November. So we have 2 full days and 2 half days. We like cafes, bars, tapas, eating/drinking, mooching around, people watching, soaking up an atmosphere, a bit of buzz, a seaside/beach walk. Culture is good but not in-depth e.g. I like visiting a cathedral , but happy to sit and look at it for 15mins, 10 mins inside and good to go. It’s not going to be an active holiday.

    So suggestions of things to do, any great restaurants / tapas bars / cafes / bars.

    And then where to stay – thinking of the old town and in the midst of it, rather than e.g. the beach side. Any suggestions would be great.

    It’s a special trip so a bit of luxury is allowed.


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    The old town has been (fairly) recently redone and it’s great. The City of Arts and Sciences is another obvious place to visit. The central market. Nice place to wander around. If you’re there the 4-6 November you could go see the MotoGP out in Cheste.

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    One of my favourite cities. I think we also stayed in the old part. Tried to find out where but was 10 years ago.

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    Make sure you find a good paella restaurant. We went to one down on the beach to the south of the city which was great but that was a decade ago. Was impressed by the aquarium at the time too.

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    Shame you missed Moto GP weekend, it’s amazing. Wife bought us tickets for my 40th and even she loved the experience. We stayed in a basic hotel in the heart of the old town.
    Food and wine very good and reasonable, but if you’re there over a weekend book somewhere for Saturday night, although may not be so necessary outside race weekend.

    The science park buildings are amazing. Once you go you’ll constantly spot them in sci fi programs/ films. We got the metro down there and walked back to the centre by the river gardens.
    Food market in the old town was also a nice wander.

    Spent time randomly wandering and snacking on Pinchos but to be honest didn’t really do much else apart from the race. Was only a month after my mum had died and I just needed time to decompress.

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    Some stunning new buildings put up in the last 10 years (job creation to reduce the appalling impact on the economy by the 2008 financial crash – better use of public money than than we got in Blighty out of a huge £££ blown).

    Quite a few Michelin restaurants if that’s your bag (and budget).

    I’ve been to a couple of really nice tapas joints (but of course can’t remember where they are).

    Lovely place that time of year.


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    I went in November a few years ago for the Moto Gp, hire car from Alicante, satnav had decided to delete the relevant maps. But the hotel was right where those magnificent buildings are that were built for the Americas cup. Absolutely stunning. I liked it so much that me and my wife went over a couple of years later. Same hotel, walking to the old town was easy and pleasant along the old river that is now a park or go the other way to the beach and harbour – where the car gp is held.
    The memories are good enough to make me consider holding a passport again! I’ll try and remember the hotel name, it was a chain and for breakfast we had to go to the more expensive version next door.
    But those exquisitely tiled buildings shaped like boats, absolutely amazing….

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    I’m currently being spammed with pics from my eldest.
    They got a great deal after plans for their uk train break was scuppered by the strike. It looks lovely.
    La Pepica would be my first port of call based on pics.

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    We went about 16 years ago- pre marriage I think. Stayed in what was a big new hotel by the Americas Cup marina.

    Mirror the above really, arts and sciences, old Town, just wandering 🙂

    Aquarium still has dolphins so I would not go today.

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    This place is fantastic for Paella:

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    Another vote for La Pepica close to the beach. Remember Paella for lunch to blend in!

    I’ll ask our chap in Valencia for some restaurant recommendations in town. Don’t forget to try a pinxto restaurant (bigger tapas, pay by the skewer).

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    There’s a really nice but basic tapas place opposite the main market. Checked Google maps and think it’s called Boatella. Not fancy but great for a quick slurp and pica -pica.

    Lots of bike rental places and the central park is perfect for a gentle cruise. Bike path all the way to the beach though there’s some roads to navigate.

    Loved it out there. Prefer Valencia to Barcelona.

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    This is great, thanks and keep it coming!

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    Lovely place, we were there for Halloween a few years ago. Their use of the old river bed to take you from the old town to the sea is a great idea.

    If you like craft beer there were one or two nice little bars in the old town with a mix of UK and homegrown talent.

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    Second a visit to the restaurant in Albufera, a lovely park and beach to have a stroll in and they did little boat tours around some of the lakes too. Advise booking in advance!


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