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  • Houns

    All main roads around the festival (weston park?) will be jammed – They queue on the inside lane of the M6 then it’s solid all along the A5. The M54 will be the same. It is a nightmare, avoid

    Premier Icon Nick

    Yeah it will be a nightmare, you might be able to get closeish on the A41, i.e. Newport and she could walk the rest.


    The number of idiots last year, getting in and out of their car and running around while queueing on the M54 hard shoulder with traffic flying past on the outside lanes. 😕

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    Get er to the nearest station and put her in a cab. Last time I went the cabs were being waved through and would get in and out reasonably easily.

    I’d suggest jnct 15 M6 – Get on the A519 follow it to Eccelshall and beyond, and then turn left before Woodseaves- cross country (Gnosall Rd) via Gnosall, keep going south on lanes – eventually you’ll pop out on the road, just up from Weston Park. I’d write it on paper not satnav though!!

    Afternoon, predicament is having to detour from Liverpool Airport to the festival on Friday night ,then home to cumbria ,around 7pm arrival at the drop off zone to drop daughter off to meet friends then she can travel home with organised coach party trip.I reckon about hour/ hour and half trip to festival from Liverpool???. Main question is will I be able to drive upto this official drop off zone and carry on my journey or will I end up in 2 hour traffic jams in and out? If this is the case then she will have to wait until 2012. Cheers in advance for any advice offered.


    Get her a bike, she can ride straight down the Shrops Union canal

    Evening all, thanks very much for useful advice ,its looking like straight back to Cumbria and watch on TV(if on), as I said I hate waiting in traffic even if its something for me ,Houns,For some strange reason She became scared of her bike at about thirteen and now at seventeen shes scared of the word bike.Once again cheers.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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