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  • Utterly fecked car – any help with understanding options?
  • Premier Icon monkeysfeet

    Ha ha ha , sounds about right. They buggered up my company’s VW Transporter a few years ago. I think they were Dane Motor’s then.
    Anyway if you have a look on Nick’s website but don’t see anything he can probably source what you are after.


    It’s become a running joke in our house that my 150000 mile £400 Astra Estate that i treat like a shed on wheels and has passed MOT with flying colours last 2 years is much more reliable than my wife’s 2 year old 1.2 Polo, been back to VW garage 4 times so far for various problems


    drewd – Member
    Were you planning on keeping it or replacing it soon? If keeping I would look for a used gearbox from a breaker. Either fit it yourself or get quotes from a garage to change it for you.

    If you do decide to move it on I would suggest leaving the gearbox in the car.

    ^^^ This. 🙂

    Premier Icon rickmeister

    This twice ^^^^
    If the rest of the car was sound, just replace the failed item.

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    Gearbox from a breaker and indy to fit.

    If it’s from an accident damaged vehicle personally I’d prefer it was from a car that’s had a side impact or rear impact.

    Even if it costs 2k to fix, if it’s worth 4k you should be up on it and that’s the starting point for its replacement. If you have a good local indy ask them what trade value is too as a bottom line value.

    If the gap was smaller (sub 1k) I might be more inclined to cut my losses (risk of buying a lunched box + hassle).

    Make sure if doing a swap it is like for like though as otherwise may be into modification territory.

    Oh and ignore what’s spent to date unless any option allows you not to pay it. It’s not relevant now because it’s spent regardless.

    Premier Icon MrOvershoot

    Rich_s – Member

    Piss off Nige, I’m trying to flog a car. “One careful owner” is what I’m trying to allude to

    Sorry Mr Productiveloins 😉


    Just to put this one to bed, apparently the damage was going to be around 2-2.5k to sort (prices from 3 different places), with clutch, box, housing and flywheel all looking shagged. We’ve let it go to someone local who’s going to either fix it up or break it.

    Shame, was a cracking car while it lasted, just can’t believe the lack of support from VW and Chester VW. They tried to flog us a new car and couldn’t see the irony in me saying it could be worthless in less than 7 years. “Well, that’s a risk you take”.

    Thanks for the advice above, everyone.

    Picking up a bangernomics 300 quid Primera tomorrow! #passionwagon

    Guy I worked with his girlfriend had a low mileage polo bought from vw dealer and the box went just out of warranty low mileage 30,000ish if I remember, and fully serviced. Asked for goodwill from dealer and they said they would pay a percentage (they couldn’t tell him how much it would cost or what percentage they would pay) he declined and bought a car elsewhere.

    I have seen this before on the same engine, clutch breaks and damages gearbox housing. Has it actually broke gearbox or just marked it? You get possibly get away with just replacing clutch and hoping for the best

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