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  • richpips

    At 10:00 this morning we had someone round to read the gas meter.

    At 14:15 we had someone round to read the electricity meter.

    We get both from the same supplier. The meter readers worked for the same company.

    Please explain.

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    Same situation as you: both from same supplier, both read by same company. We got a card saying they’d been but couldn’t get access, so I phoned up and gave them both readings (having been undercharged and then stung for a big bill before). When the bill arrived, one was listed as a customer reading, the other as an estimate.

    It’s great that we can use privatisation of essential public utilities to enable these efficiency savings.


    The efficiency of the free market. Yay!


    Is it the supplier who organises the meter readings or is it the network? Could have been one guy from Transco and another from Central Networks.

    I’d also wager that your road was dug up by the gasman not one month before being dug up again by the electricity man…!


    What supplier?

    Last guy that read mine, read both at the same time – British Gas

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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