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  • Using old tyres?
  • meehaja

    if they look ok, they probably are. I use some high rollers that I bought in 2006 whenever i’m doing anything where a big tyre might be fun. I only recently swapped some tioga factory XC’s I’d had since the mid 90’s (for a BMX)


    I would say you do risk perishing! Tyres will probably be ok, what’s the worst that can happen if you try them?


    What you will probably find is – shock/horror – they work just as well as today’s latest technology(fashion).

    that’s what I found recently anyhow 🙂


    Anyone got any thoughts on using old mountain bike tyres? I have some IRC Kujo tyres that must be over eight years old and probably not used for five years that I fancy sticking on for a change. They look alright and will have new inner tubes but any risk on perishing?

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    If you decide you dont like/want them, I’ll take them off your hands….


    I thought this was about creative ideas for recycling old bike tyres! 🙂

    belts, thin flip flops, glue a few together and make a rather charming waistcoat (or whatever they would say on the blue peter catwalk), draught excluders for doors, etc


    Ive been racing this year on two pairs of tyres dating backto 1996 – IRC XC & IRC xc Slicks – best tyres Ive ever used and at 350g a tyre also one of the lightest.

    With a season full of races and numerous trips over the olympic course never had a problem or a puncture (even with ultralight tubes)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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