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  • EarlofBarnet

    I’d say 10% ish, depending on the car. I recently got £500 off a £4.4k Vectra from a dealer. Not sure if taking on a finance agreement strengthens your bargaining power (as sales person may get commission for selling credit). Mine was a outright buy though, no finance. Used a CC and balanced transferred at 0%.


    I’m just off this weekend to look at a Mondeo.2009,1.8 tdci,22,000 miles.From a Toyota franchise but still the same warranty,breakdown etc.
    Price is £7790.Seems pretty good for the mileage,one private owner,full Ford service history.Dealer won’t budge on price even for no part ex.I have a 2006 Mk3 Mondeo and the over the phone part ex price is £2000. Not too bad but another £300 would help.
    An unfranchised dealer near to me has 2009/2010 Mondeos in for £7500 with around 40 to 45k mileage.Just a 7 day warranty.
    I have a feeling my Mondeo has been clocked so am erring towards the franchised dealer.Both my neighbours have clocked cars,one with 100k removed.The guy who does the clocking work also visits franchises.
    I think just have a good look on Autotrader and e-bay to get a feel of the prices.
    A friend part ex’d a Jag and was given 3K.The dealer put it up on the internet at 5K.Probably a fair amount of haggling room there.
    The car i’m going to look at seems to be at the bottom of the pricing scale so thats why the dealer won’t budge much,although i’ll give it a go ( much to the embarrassment of my wife ).

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    Change of jobs means i need to get a car for the first time in years.

    How much room for negotiation do dealers typically factor in to their ticket price of a used car? I know it’ll depend on many factors, but just a ballpark would be good. Does it differ much whether it’s a franchised dealer vs an independant garage?

    Looking probably at £8-10K for a Mondeo, so 2010-ish, average mileage-ish. If one is up for £10K, what should i expect to be able to get it for? 9? 9.5?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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