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  • Used car issues after 3 days…..
  • A mate bought a used car…’bout 4k…..sold with all features in working order…

    Gets home and within 3 days:

    Noise in one of the wheel bearing
    Parking sensors intermittent
    few ‘bars’ on the heated rear screen not working
    motor accelerate upon gear change

    What is the las here in terms of either fixing all of the above OR returning money?

    My advice / thoughts were that if the car was sold as all in order then he should have the right to return as car is not as per description / fit for purpose.

    BUT what is the law here / consumer right?

    Cheers for any thoughts…..

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    Dealer or private sale?

    Edric 64

    Through a trader there is some comeback these days

    Dealer: some comeback
    Private Sale: none

    Ah. Sorry. Not enough info.

    Dealer just t’other side of Meadowhell……

    Its not really serious enough for a refund…dealer should repair. Rear window demist issues on a £4k car…you might be pushing your luck on that one.

    He taken it back and the guys comments included….

    ‘its second hand, what do you expect?’ 😀

    I had already given my mate a bit of ‘fit for purpose, you had said it all worked’ kind of comments to use….

    My mate is now on hols for a week and the guy said ‘we will discuss it when you returns’…..though he did also say ‘we will see what we can do’. Car has been left at dealer.

    Why pushing luck when it was not highlighted as an issue during purchase?

    Also, that single issue is not the whole issue, is it……

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    Is it just me, have we never had many of these threads (from both sides of the fence) then loads (well, 5) in the last couple of weeks?



    The rear window heaters do seem a very minor complaint. You have to expect some wear and tear on an old car. Parking sensors too.

    I think any mechanical issues I’d expect to be told about though.

    Wear and tear, yes.

    But if things don’t work……should they be sold as features that do work in a sales pitch?


    Whenever I’ve bought a car I’ve always checked the things that I care about work before I’ve bought it. If the dealer isn’t interested then there’s not much you can do. Going to court for that lot on a £4k car would likely cost you more than just to fix them yourself.

    Thanks for the comments.

    Nothing that convinces me that there is nothing that he can do / has a right to….

    Thanks though


    All info here.

    If it was bought from a trader:

    When you buy a car from a dealer, the car must:

    be of satisfactory quality
    be fit for the purpose it’s being used for, and
    match its description.

    Dealers are not liable for:

    fair wear and tear, for example if the car breaks down during normal use
    if you mis-use the car
    if you cause accidental damage.


    Some of those issues should have been picked up by a test drive. If you’re not willing/able to do that, then an AA inspection should have picked up all of them, and would put you in a strong negotiating position PRE-sale. If you’re not prepared to fork out for that, well… the reputation of used car dealers is well-earned and your mate should expect nothing but a lot of prevarication and obfuscation, and no joy. The only glimmer of light would be if the car was sold with a limited warranty, say 3 months, which a reputable dealer would do as standard.

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    Have a look on Money saving expert there is minimal Sale of Goods Act 1979 protection for private sales. Lots of good advice on MSE.



    Private Sale: none

    That’s not entirely the case. If the car has been advertised and it’s not as described, you DO have comeback. Caveat emptor only applies where it’s not described or outlined.

    That being said, civil action would probably be required and it would be an utter pain in the neck unless armed with a pair of bombers.

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