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  • I usually check for

    Frame number still present…
    Cracked frame
    Fox forks worn stanchions
    Worn out drive train.

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    Does such a thing exist? A list of things to check when viewing a prospective used bike purchase



    Unless you can fix it yourself, shop repair bills can be big.

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    Some but also budget for suspension service.

    Check the frame for dents, dings & cracks.
    Parts for wear and tear.

    check if the frame has been resprayed. Ask what it was like / the reason for the respray. Just use common sense and give it a good look over.


    Headset and wheel bearings/cones


    Full Sus/Forks, I expect to have to replace seals/bushings/bearings so it’s not too much of a surprise if it happens at short notice.

    Headset for play
    Bottom Bracket for notchiness
    Frame for dings/cracks etc
    Drivetrain for wear, chain, cassette, rings, derailleur jockey wheels.
    Play in pedal bearings.
    Bushes/bearings etc if full sus
    Fork/shock condition, recent service?
    Wheel bearings
    Wheels ‘trueness’
    Tyre life
    General condition of the bike, it’s usually obvious if a bikes been looked after and loved, and if it has it is more likely to be mechanically sound.

    If any of the above are knackered, haggle accordingly.

    Probably should add, make sure the seat post moves in the frame! Seized ones can be a nightmare.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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