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  • Nipper99

    New to carbon seatposts – frame has a pinch bolt rather than a seatclamp. What sort on tightness (NM) for the pinch bolt as don’t want to damage the seatpost.

    Premier Icon Denis99

    I tighten mine to 4nm , never slipped.

    Use some carbon paste, make sure you clean out the inside of the seat tube first to ensure a good grip with the carbon paste.

    Remove the post every month or so, just to make sure it doesn’t seize.

    Premier Icon Sir HC

    Use park assembly paste:

    Reduces the amount of torque you need to put on the seatclamp


    Thanks for the replies. Steel frame (853 – oh yes!) so still use the past?


    I had [CREEEEEEEEEEK] one for a [CREEEEEEEK] bit and it never [CREEEEEEEEEEEK] slipped, I cleaned it regularly and [CREEEEEEEEEEEK] used assembly paste each [CREEEEEEEEEEEK] time,
    It never [CREEEEEEEEEEEEK] broke but I never stopped [CREEEEEEEEEK] creaking,
    It still **** haunts [CREEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!] me now… 🙁

    Good luck with it: USE have a habit of making the worst seatposts on the market.


    Have a carbon and alu one. Both been flawless over 3 years through mud etc. After getting a little bit of play in them, got a couple of service kits for £11 each and they’re like new.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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