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  • USB lights – recommendations please
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    I’m looking for a pair of USB lights to use on the way to the train station, down to the pub etc. They need to be small, lightweight, reliable in bad weather and easy to fit/take off. In terms of light levels, they are ‘be seen’ rather than ‘see the way’.

    I’ve done some research and have considered the FWE 50/15 set (questionable reliability in the wet), Blackburn Central 100/20 (good but too big) and the Electron Pods (good but the rear USB covers are prone to falling off and getting lost).

    I’d appreciate your recommendations. Price wise, I’d like to keep it to the £40 mark.


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    Those Blackburn one’s look pretty good. Moon lights and their various clones, such as the Aldi specials would seem to fit the bill. Just search for “COB Bike lights” in ebay. Quick search turns up these which look like the Aldi one’s I got a few years back and are still going strong.

    Or if you want to buy from a propper shop/mail order these look good


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    My go-to light for anything other than trail riding is still the free Lezyne Macro Duo I got with some mag script a few years ago. Always used it in front only mode, it’s great.

    And a normal non usb battery rear (Blackburn), lasts ages.

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    Trawl Aldi, I currently have a pair of the “super bright” lights that were sold in the last bike day charging under my desk. They’re proving reliable so far, charge quickly and are pretty damn good as “be seen” lights.

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    I rate Lezyne Hecto/micro drive. Done some 6000km this year with the Hecto 350XL including plenty of monsoon rain and it is still working great. The mounting system offers many options for attaching (rotates 90 degrees for aero bars etc) and. I’ve just bought the slightly bigger micro drive 500XL, very similar just more power although it has so many modes that selecting the right one can be a bit of a chore.

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    I really like Lezyne’s Zecto USB rechargeable lights.

    I’ve got one front and rear, nice simple integrated clip / strap. And they seem pretty weather proof too.

    I use the more powerful Macro drive ones too but they are more for seeing with rather than being seen

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    Thanks for all the responses. Loads of promising suggestions that I’ll explore. The Moon/Aldi/Alp Kit ones look good, as do the Lezynes….I don’t feel a decision coming along soon!

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