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  • Premier Icon steveh

    A friend of mine uses a pressed steel mech hanger from a cheapo kids type bike for his mech after his non replacable dropout failed. As long as it's qr to hold it in place it should work.

    Have you tried Betd?



    or a quick google turned up with this


    Aye tried all those two but they're just selling what I assume is the older version which was just a mech hanger. I think it changed in 2007 to be the whole replaceable drop out.

    steveh, that could be a good last resort. I've never tried that before but could probably rig something up.


    A friend broke a Marin hanger in Switzerland, unless the guide was joking, there is only one Marin dealer and he hadn't a clue where the place was! Be warned Marin owners, start looking now and stock up if your going abroad!!

    PS. I'm nothing to do with manufacture/supply of Marin hangers (if such a person exists!!) 😆

    Premier Icon geoffj

    The Bike Chain in Edinburgh do Marin. You could try them on 0131 557 2801.

    Hi Guys any help would be appreciated. I've got a guest arrive today with a Marin Mount Vision, the new swoopy version. His rear mech hanger which is part of the replaceable drop out is badly bent and he doesn't have a spare. I've got his gears working fine but I'm a bit worried that it might be weakened. I've searched online for a replacement but can't find anything. Marin can ship to his bike shop and then onto us but by then it'll be the end of the week. We'll keep him going with a hire / loaner bike obviously but I'd hoped to order something online with priority postage and get it here in a few days. Maybe I'm being overly optimistic…

    So, anyone bought one online recently or does anyone have one in stock that they'd ship to Spain? Any help greatly appreciated. The online stuff I can find isn't for the replaceable drop out / hanger that his bike has unless I'm missing something.

    Cheers guys. That shop doesn't have the right one either. For the love of god, it's not exactly a niche brand is it?!? I'll call the bike chain tomorrow morning and see what he says.

    There's no Marin dealers around here that I know of and I've been to a lot of the bike shops.

    don simon

    Clicky image for web page.

    Something like this? Found this among the threads in ForoMTB.
    No idea who they are or if they are reliable. 😉

    Cheers Don Simon! Foromtb eh, the STW de Espana! That says it's for a 2007 but it doesn't look like the actual part at all which is worrying. Maybe they're just putting up general pictures and not a picture of the actual part? I guess I couldn't be bothered photographing hundreds of different hangers either. I'm going to have a look at the bike and then decide what I'm doing tomorrow morning.

    Thanks for all the help guys, hope to repay the favour one day!

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