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  • juan

    at this point your best bet is to find someone that will lend you a phone that’s either unlock or that is vodaphone…
    I would lend you mine if I where still in soton.

    Best off luck

    Lucho love


    I have someone bringing over a couple of phones to try that. Trouble is, most people I know are on tied pay as you go contracts and the ones who aren’t I can’t call because I don’t have their number, it is in the dead phone!. Please ring Richard if you can.



    I twunted my phone and Vodafone gave me a temp while they repaired it. Unfortunately the phone they gave me won’t charge form the charger they gave me.

    I have a bloke ringing me tomorrow on my mobile to arrange a final job interview before he flies out. My mobile has no charge. The only other handset I have access to is MrsWCA and it is locked to Tesco.

    I can’t ring him as his numer is in the switched off phone, as is my mate who knows him and every other contact detail I have for him. When I try my SIM in her phone it asks for an access code.

    What code to unlock a Tesco phone to take an Vodafone SIM please!

    A possible job depends on it.

    Don’t send paypal donations, don’t send best wishes, you can buy BBB tickets if you want but I need a phone working by 8:30am tomorrow!

    Please help!

    Premier Icon scaredypants


    ? might voda be able to divert calls to your landline

    ? might someone at the Woodman have a “spare” phone to sell you

    ? i have a mobile that takes a voda PAYG card (old Sagem POS). You can borrow it but I’ve had too much drink to drive (I’m about 10 miles away)


    What phone is it?


    Nick is now sorted.
    Thanks to the interntaional STW community Nick managed to get in touch with me. I am only 200 Yards up the road but the message went via France to get to me 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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