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  • Already tried that one and http://www.identifont.com but no joy yet.

    Anyway, the STW knowledge hive never fails… does it?


    I know nothing of these things, so could be spouting b*ll*x.

    Can you open the page in an editor, such as dreamweaver, front page,etc.

    Maybe the fontname is listed in the page code?

    I can't get hold of the design guy and the printers need to know the font for the Big Bike Bash 2009.

    Can anyone help please. It is the text in the chain logo at the top of the page.


    This is not a pointless BBB promotion, we need to get the printers atarted or we miss their print run.

    Can't see it. I think the text has been flattened into the image to form a graphic rather than the component bits.

    Premier Icon eldridge

    Try VAG or VAG Rounded

    Premier Icon gonetothehills

    I've just trawled through all the system fonts on my Mac but can't find anything to match. I'd agree with eldridge in that it's pretty close to VAG Rounded, but to me, it actually looks a bit 'hand drawn' so don't know if you'll find it or not? Best of luck though… I know what it's like with print deadlines.

    [edit] When I say 'hand drawn' I mean they've perhaps taken a font in a design app. and stroked it or created an offset path to get the balloon effect on it, so whilst it's been made from a regular font, it's actually been bastardised. I could be completely wrong though – has been known before (a lot) – so please don't let me lead you down the garden path. Again – best of luck with it.

    Premier Icon eldridge

    Just do it in VAG or Frankfurter – no one's going to notice the difference, cos it's a totally crap logo anyway, for all sorts of reasons

    It's a bit late but the shape of the letters is Junegull, a Larabie font which is free. Not sure if the shading is part of the font.


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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