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  • Anyone have any tips for sourcing a replacement visor for the All Mountain helmet?

    Urge have them but its 35 Euro’s to ship 😯

    Can’t seem to find anywhere in the UK to buy??


    I think leisurelakes had them the other week online

    just seen them on chain reaction but limited colours

    Hmmmm. Either I don’t post clearly or you lot don’t read properly….. 😀

    I have the Urge All Mountain helmet.

    The spare at LLB is for the enduro-matic…..do you know if they the same? Or is this the point you were making??

    Will check CRC again BUT looked like they only had visors for the Enduro-matic one also….


    i have both, will check and report tomorrow, but i think they are the same, i may even have some spare.

    Nasher – great stuff, it is appreciated.

    The plan at mo is superglue and leccy tape……anyway of avoiding the ‘loser’ look would be appreciated…..will obv pay if you have spare and are willing to sell……

    Nasher – email is handybendyhendo AT me.com

    Cheers 😀

    Any luck (for me) in finding out if they are the same or if you have spare please??



    I need a black enduromatic visor for the 2012 helmet. I sent urge a Facebook message and they said try chain reaction. They don’t have stock though.

    Yeah – been down that route. CRC don’t even have a listing of the AM one……


    Hey, sorry for the delay in getting back, there are slight differences between the AM and enduro matic, but they are interchangeable.

    the snow is hitting here on wednesday so will have a garage clearout, i may have a cracked enduro matic somewhere with a spare visor.

    If you can wait a a couple of weeks, I will be going to the Urge HQ, they may have some. what colour do you need?


    Nasher – if you could get hold of a couple of the front pads (thick) for the Enduromatic I’ll happily pay. Cheers.

    Nasher – email sent……thanks…..


    Guys I have some visors and pads here for you. Could both please send me your details again please. They are FOC but you need only pay the postage from Italy which is about 7 odd euros.

    You Sir get star status.

    Did you get my email previously? Will send again but as ‘gnasher’ was not in it I was not sure :D…..

    Will send now….

    Email sent to info @ rivierabike co uk…..

    Thanks again!!

    And another with my address this time 😀

    Let me know if you need my mobile….. 😀

Viewing 18 posts - 1 through 18 (of 18 total)

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