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    The down-o-matic’s very well vented, tbh I doubt the mouthpiece hole makes the slightest difference but the front is more open. The top venting is I think the same. The archi- is also cut away at the back to give better rucksack clearance though tbh I have no idea why, never found a fullface that would benefit.

    I really like my down-o, not the best helmet in the world but it’s cheaper than my 661 evo was and quite a lot better.


    Anyone got one of these?

    I’ve read the ’horror’ review but can’t seem to find anything other real reviews about them.

    Would one of these better?

    I want a light FF lid and these seem like good value at the moment.

    It’s not for serious DH, just PPS and a maybe a bit of downhill-lite.


    I dont think its a particularly horror review, I think id rather his mouth full of stitches than my titanium plated, mouth full of stitches and liquid diet for what will be at least 3 n a half weeks! Fairly freak thing that happened to him I reckon but landing on your face or head is much less freak!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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