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  • Upright radiator on 10mm pipes
  • notsospeedydaz
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    Any plumbers?

    Wife is wanting the living room decorated and a new upright radiator to replace the existing one.
    Just had a plumber in to quote for fitting a new upright radiator
    He has said that the 10mm piping is no good for an upright radiator needs to be 15mm.
    He can put a 15mm pipe in but as the system is getting on when it’s drained down the sludge could cause all sorts of problems when trying to start it back up.

    He did quote for a who new system, boiler, 7 rads, plastic pipes?
    Less than inlaws paid for just a boiler

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    This sounds like scaremongering to me

    He can put a 15mm pipe in but as the system is getting on when it’s drained down the sludge could cause all sorts of problems when trying to start it back up.

    I’m not a plumber, but I have drained and refilled old CH systems in my last two houses with no problems.

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    IANAP however, 10mm microbore system was installed properly, then I would have thought what is lost in the flow rate of the system increases pressure? Presumably it can get the heated water upstairs? If you have an upstairs.

    Perhaps get your system flushed and see how it goes with the upright rad, which presumably is part of your plans if you are to have a whole new system put in?

    As for price comparison, apples and pears, too many unknowns to comment, size of boiler, type and what fuel, they may be totally different to your requirements.

    Get more quotes.

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    Sounds like total rubbish to me.


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    I have fitted two upright radiators to 10mm systems – In both cases I rejigged the pipework to have 15mm chrome above the floor as it looks better. In both cases zero problems. Both 20 year old systems, neither flushed as draining is tricky. On has since had the system replaced all bar the plumbing to the upright radiator. Again zero issues

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    “I’d like a new radiator.”

    “Well, I can quote you for an entire new system.”

    “Get the **** out of my house and don’t come back.”

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    Sounds like bulls hit. We put upright rad on a 30 +year old 10mm pipe system, no problem.

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    I’ve stuck an upright radiator on 8mm microbore in my house. It, and every other radiator, works fine.

    Most radiator valves are 15mm, you’ll just need these to make the 10mm tube fit the valves. Swap them for the olives in the valve nuts and you’ll be grand.

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    I am a plumber and the size of pipework is dependant on the output of the heat emitter. It doesn’t really matter if it is vertical or horizontal.
    I would avoid them and get another opinion, preferably someone who understands system design and flow rates etc. Sadly there aren’t many about.

    Edit : he’s probably wealthier than me but I probably sleep better!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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