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  • james

    Here is my El Guapo, weighing in at 31.6lbs (some digital fishing scales)

    I can’t help thinking from time-to-time that its just that little bit lardy. Okay so its 150/155mm travel, with a dropper and mudguards but is it unreasonable to think it’d be better if were just under eg 30lbs?

    Is any weight saving going to cost a fortune for a few grams and not really worth it, and even if its only when stuff breaks/wears out?

    What would you build it up differently with?

    Titus El Guapo V3, size 19.5/L (originally had a V2 but found a tiny crack)
    Fox RP23 HV BV (was cheap, had 2 leaky monarchs now)
    Works Components 1deg headset (as above bought for V2 guapo, also have an on-one smoothie taper with worn bearings)
    RS Revelation 2010 Team (blackbox) Dual-Air U-turn 20mm Maxle Lite 1 1/8″
    Salsa Flip-lock QR (does get used)
    KS i950R 150mm 30.9mm
    Spesh Format SL 143mm saddle (rails and saddle middle have ‘given’ so maybe after something else. Henge comp perhaps)
    Avid Elixir R 185mm/185mm (first generation, and OE rotors .. )
    XTR (’07) 9spd rear shifter
    LX (’05) 3spd front shifter (window removed)
    SLX (’09) 3spd bottom swing front mech
    SLX (’09) 9spd medium cage rear mech
    SLX (’09) HG80 11-34T cassette (the 3ring carrier one)
    SLX chain, maybe PC991. 9spd
    SLX (’09) crankarms (came with triple rings, so not the ones with the pedal thread inserts or beefed up axle)
    SLX (’09) 22T (does get used) alu, 32T steel/composite chainrings
    On-one (metal) 32T bashring (does get used, kept splitting plastic shimano ones)
    Aerozine HTII BB (an early gen. one)
    Shimano M530 SPDs (got hotspots with spesh Tahoe shoes with M520’s, since changed shoes though)
    Hope Pro II Evo 20mm front hub
    Superstar Tesla 10mm thru rear hub
    DT swiss RWS 10x135mm thru-bolt
    Sapim 1.8/2.0mm DB spokes
    Alu. front nipples, brass rear
    Stans Arch EX rims, Stans yellow tape, 2cups stans sealant per tyre
    Schwalbe Fat Albert 2.4″ S/Skin Trailstar/front atm
    Spesh Storm 55/65a S-works (first gen. that don’t split at the first hint of a rock) rear atm
    Spank Spike 777 Evo 50mm rise bars
    Pro FRS 50mm stem
    ~45mm ‘normal’ alu. spacers top and bottom, works components stem cap
    ODI lockrings, lizard skins moab grips, rubber BMX bar plugs
    shimano inner cables/SP41 outer, with approx. 7 middleburn cable oilers

    also at the moment, mudhugger front and rear plus crudcatcher front and NC17 bell

    Premier Icon mactheknife

    Nothing, thats more than acceptable for an AM bike, my 5 spot is 30 lbs on the nose. Had it up to 32 with Lyriks fitted. For what i use it for i would much rather have bombproof kit on instead of trying to save a pound or 2.


    My carbon Mojo HD weighs 31.9lb with my digital scales but I love the way it rides. I’d just upgrade to ligher and stronger when things break.

    Premier Icon martymac

    i wouldnt say that was heavy tbh.
    mudguards, dropper post, robust strong parts.
    losing the dropper would make it lighter but less rideable.
    just for balance, my orange P7 was about that weight when it had gears.
    and it didnt have a dropper post or mudguards.


    My 170/180 Reign is 36lb and I still pedal it all day. Be nice if it was 31.6! But I’d have to compromise on forks and lose the amazing 66rc3ti loveliness and I won’t do that. Your bikes bang on the weight for what it’s capable of.

    Premier Icon momo

    My blur is heavier than that, I wouldn’t worry too much if you’re happy with how it rides.

    Premier Icon darrenspink

    If you think its too heavy, maybe its not the correct type of bike for your riding anymore?

    Nice bike der.

    Premier Icon kimbers

    without going carbon you arent going to go much lighter

    man up and ditch the front mech and granny a 30t narrow wide, youll be fine without a guide save you 500g

    you could probably save a fair bit using less zip ties on the rear mudguard 😉

    Do YOU find it too heavy? I guess you dont race XC on it? Do you have to cut rides short because you’re too tired or havent covered enough ground?

    Throw your scales away and go for a ride.

    …and lose the Avid brakes obviously.

    Does seem slightly portly given my 06 enduro comes up @ 32.4lbs with coil rear and 36 vans on the front, plain gauge spokes and old dt 5.1 rims so maybe there could be significant weight to be saved on the frame?

    That said im perfectly happy pedalling it around but it IS meant for going downhill, the HT is for all day rides… If you enjoy riding it then keep as is.

    +1 for going 1×10 easy weight savings there…

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