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  • Upgrade ? 1×10 conundrum.
  • clubber

    I did a full weekend’s mtbing last weekend on 1×10 around Afan and Cwmcarn and survived despite a significant lack of fitness so I suspect you wouldn’t have died 🙂

    A triple isn’t really going to be a problem though, is it? though I note you haven’t bought a new cassette which could well be an issue…

    Cassette is fine this time and I’ve changed the chain promptly, so I have a “workable” spare for a change ! Just got two nadgered teeth on the old big ring following an iffy moment at Coed y B last week !

    Reckon I’ll go another few months trying the old “Don’t use the granny, don’t use the granny” thing in my head and then remember why it’s there !
    I guess there’s always the wind behind, race back to the pub off the hill and onto tarmac thing too ! 🙄

    Balls ! Probably just answered my own dilemna.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I’ve put my xc bike onto 1×10 and getting on with it really well- I did wonder about longer days but it’s not caused me any problems, I’m in decent shape but I’m not super fit or particularily strong. You could probably spin in the adjuster to disable the granny?

    FWIW lots of people expect it to be a problem on steeps but the big drawbacks for me are the really long draggy climbs, and really low grip climbs- lacking a twiddling gear means you don’t have the option of applying really low torque. In snow it can be very poor.


    Go for a ride with your 9 speed setup but dont use 1st and 2nd gear on the back. See how you get on.

    3rd gear + 22T granny ring is approximately equal to the easiest gear in your 1 x 10 setup. (It will be slightly easier or harder depending on the type of 9 speed cassette you have – 32T or 34T)

    …by my calculations


    I’ve taken the leap to 1x, Hope IBR & Guide are in the post right now.

    Work out the range that a 1x would give you in the size you plan to buy and try sticking to within if for a few weeks.


    I wanted a 36T single up front and a 11-36 cassette, I spent weeks only going as low as 32 & 32 and as high as 42 & 13 which is what the above setup would give me, yesterday I climbed one of the biggest hills in our area (Sunrising Hill between Banbury and Stratford) within the range, it was on road mind you.

    Hope this helps and nobody tells me my logic is floored or I could end up walking alot more then I imagined!

    Been here twice with this, new chain time and middle chainring about done too. Curently 3×9 on my Trance.
    So, got up this morning with a plan and shopping list:

    10spd slx shadow+
    10 spd Zee shifter
    Blackspire 32 chainring
    XT 11 36 cassette
    10spd chain

    Half an hour ago, this became;

    Set 22 32 44 chainrings from Superstar
    9spd chain

    Have I, again, saved myself from certain death, or will I wrestle constantly with still having a front mech and the not knowing if 1×10 is a really good idea?


    Only girls use 3x nowadays.


    Only girls use 3x nowadays.

    Thats cos girls dont push

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    I thought about doing this – well going from 2×9 to 1×9, and although I’m currently in a very flat area, I have decided to leave it as is. I wouls save the weight of 1 thumbshifter, 1 front mech and a chain ring. I would add the weight of a chain guide. So that is a saving of not so much. What I loose though is the ability to go for a cassette with slightly closer ratios and have a decent bail out geard for rough steep prolonged riding.

    When I used to do mtbo’s in the Peak, I got away with a 36 chain ring and 32 on the back. That was fast, but quite a tough way of doing things and when not racing I would go for 42 and 28 chainrings and not have to worry about fitting new kit everytime I go into the hills.

    I would only go 1×10 when parts are cheaper and one can have a cheap 11-42 cassette, or was a pro…


    1×10 new convert here four weeks in and im going to convert my hardtail too

    Gets much easier on the hills even being based in Wales
    The real revelation for me is no more lost momentum of changing up and down on front mech, ending up in the right gear for a change = flow

    clutch mech is silent combined with front amg guide is a dream


    Its singlespeeding lite 😆

    I went 1×9 on my hardtail nearly two years ago and for the use that bike gets its a great solution. Only in the gloopiest and slipperiest of mud do I think a lower gear would get me through, but its so marginal and unlikely to make much difference that I’d rather have the security of knowing my chain will not slip and attack with grunt force.

    On the bike I take into the mountains I’m not so sure… but I have proper mountains to deal with so the granny gear see’s quite a lot of use; but since this bike is currently 1×9 it looks like I will be finding out soon 😐

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    well if your 9 speed drivetrain is bascally functional but just needs some new rings/chain cables, why burn your money on a shiney 1×10 job without knowing if you’ll like it, why not experiment with the 9 speed kit to at least give you an idea?

    The top ratio on that 1×10 setup is roughly equivalent to what a 22t granny ring and a 25t sprocket would produce on your current 3 x 9 drive, so that’s about your 3rd from easiest gear in the granny ring?

    one way to simulate this would be to fit an 11-25 road cassette to your current drive train and refuse to use the big ring, that way you couldn’t go lower or higher than that 1 x 10 you proposed could manage, it would of course be horrible to use and would work in silly fine increments but it’s a thought.

    Why not simply give 2×9 a try and see how you like that, maybe try 36/22 with an 11-32, broader range than any 1xn could manage, something to be said for that IMO, all you need do then is omit the big ring, set the front shifter so middle is top, bottom is middle and inner is nowt and set the F/mech top stop further in, this setup works for a fair few people.

    Or perhaps a quick and dirty 1×9 experiment 32 / 11-32, take that front shifter/cable off, get rid of the extra rings (maybe keep the granny to catch inside drops set the mech on middle position with limit screws, shorten the chain if you like and your away, not “Perfect” but a reasonable indicator. If you can get by with that for a while, then a 1×10 will simply give you one more easier gear..

    It’s all relatively simple/cheap to reverse these setups is you don’t like them and then you have a better idea how you’d get on with a 1×10 or 2xN without spunking £100+

    All IMO of course…

    Thanks for the input people !

    Biggest thing this time around is cost, so decided not to wade in for 10 speed shifters, mech and cassette, whilst what’s on are fine right now.
    I could have gone 1×9, but then ( I think) I can only get a 11-34 cassette, but nothing with 36, which I fear, I will need as even 53 year old blokes do push now and then !.
    Didn’t really want to go 2x because as said above, in part, it’s the flow I want to improve, as well as a getting rid of a little faff and a few grams.


    You can get 36t 9speed cassettes apparently.

    Premier Icon bratty

    Sorry, when I said I’m sticking to 2x, it is because that is what I have been running on my main bike for a few years. I have found it is a good compromise as you can stay in the big ring most of the time, then use the inner when on the real big climbs. Most of the time I am in the 42 chain ring and the smallest 3 or 4 cogs as it is flat where I live. Running 32 and 22 would probably give the same advantages if you spend more time in easier gears.

    But perhaps, as others have said, the best thing to do is test the idea by leaving it in the 32 or 30 middle ring for a few rides and see how you get on – you can always bail out onto the granny if you need to. If you get on with that, then 1×10 may be a good idea. Then you can see how the ‘flow’ actually is like.

    Premier Icon timmys

    You can get 36t 9speed cassettes apparently.

    I belive only 36-12 which gives a smaller range than 34-11.


    Just start looking out in the classified for the right bits for next time. That way it’ll be cheaper.

    I avoided the lower gears on my 2×9 HT over winter. Riding my Mega 1×10 has been good so far. I love the lack of choice/simplicity and only seem to push when everbody else does

    I’m not sure I’d get as far up Snowdon though 🙂

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    I belive only 36-12 which gives a smaller range than 34-11.

    IIRC Deore only, too, and as heavy as a heavy thing.


    I switched to 1×9 (1×10 on a new bike) ages ago and havent looked back. If you have an 11-32 cassette you can buy the cheapo 36t cassette, take the 36t cogs off then using a spacer add it behind the 32t on existing cassette. You would have to loose one of the smaller cogs (I think I lost 12 and 14 and added in a 13?) But its a cheap and easily workable way of having 1×9 with 11-36 on the back. Worked great for me.

    Love it ! Gotta be worth a trial I guess !


    Go 1X9 and see how you get on, take cable out the mech for now and get your chain shortened a bit but leave the rings on , then if you like it you can go full hog and then when a bit richer you can change to 1X10
    FWIW 34t here 11-36 cassette

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