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  • Upcoming daddy / 14yo daughter day…. What to do?
  • Premier Icon BlobOnAStick

    I’m after some suggestions please folks.

    Daughter is a bit alternative/emo-ish if that helps, happy to travel a bit (from the Midlands). She was completely blown away by a trip to Camden market a few months ago, but wasn’t by the Tate Modern, although she can find modern art interesting and thought provoking. She’s not especially outdoorsy, but we’ve done stuff like sailing, go-ape, gentle bike riding which she has enjoyed.

    Ta muchly…..


    When I was that age I just liked hanging out with my dad. He taught me about cars and made me watch the rugby. Let me play pool with him and his mates (in our pool room I should add, he didn’t take me to the pub !)

    Taught me to drive and bought me a car the minute I was 15, so I could pick him up from the pub.

    Sorry not very helpful, but you know when your aunty buys you a t-shirt with a bicycle on cos, you know, you like bicycles ? Remember that.

    Van Halen

    You could always talk to her?

    Alternatively take her to Thorpe Park for rollercoaster fun.

    Rob Hilton

    Oasis in Brum for some alternative retail therapy?

    Premier Icon BlobOnAStick

    I do love this place – 4 answers that fit the categories for STW:

    The “wow, who knew that was a thing?”: Thanks Stoner, might be too short notice, but it’s in the diary for next year!

    The “sound advice”: Thanks hels, duly noted, and yeah, the bike t-shirt. Been there.

    The “somewhat condescending”: I do talk to her Van Halen, the difficulty is getting a word in edge ways! (But thanks for replying; roller coasters are definitely her thing but she finds Thoroe park a little tame)

    And finally,

    The “yeah, already thought of that”: I might very well take her to Oasis and then see what’s on at Ikon gallery or the custard factory to have a look at. Thanks for the suggestion Rob.

    Premier Icon jonnym92

    House of Vans is good but you won’t spend a lot of time there unless you’re skating.

    You could head out to London again and go to Spitalfields Market (Liverpool St tube), up Brick Lane and then along the Boxpark at Shoreditch? There are plenty of food places, stalls, vintage shops, Rough trade record shop etc, it can get wickedly busy on the weekend mind.

    Premier Icon Esme

    The Follies at Hawkstone Park, maybe?


    Take her to Borough Market too – make out that’s for her but don’t let on you’re really going for a Chicken and Tarragon pie fro The Ginger Pig Company

    Van Halen

    I was gonna suggest alton towers but they’ve shut the best roller coasters.

    For the last day I spent with my older daughter she asked to go to mountains so we went to snowdonia. I’d forgotten I’d not taken her.


    Bramstoker film festival is where it’s at now, the WGW is dead 😉

    another for next year though…

    Me an my daughter just mess about. Always acting up the pair of us. Luckily she has my exact humor.

    Premier Icon iain1775

    Family open day at the Vulcan hanger at Doncaster airport on Sunday
    I’ll be dragging my daughter to Peatys Bike sale in Sheff then dashing across there
    She won’t enjoy it but I will

    What about Harry potter studios.. who doesn’t like a bit of magic and wizardry ?


    Pitt Rivers museum in Oxford (shrunken heads, totem poles, amulets that make you invisible) then a spot of lunch in a grown up place like the Kings Arms. You might get to walk round the odd college without a booking (Merton maybe). Park and ride works very well. Unlike Potter these are real people poncing around in gowns, she might get all aspirational.


    For my daughters birthday i bought two petrol grass carts off ebay and made a track around the garden, girls racing each other, bloody brilliant.
    Did nearly get wiped out though, women drivers eh!!!


    Next year she’s old enough to drink in a pub (with food) as long as you’re there. Father – daughter bonding piss up? 😛

    Premier Icon garage-dweller

    Take her to Borough Market too – make out that’s for her but don’t let on you’re really going for a Chicken and Tarragon pie fro The Ginger Pig Company

    Loads of gory museums round there too. Is that emo/alternative suitable (I honestly don’t know)?


    My 14 year old daughter would like nothing more than being taken clothes shopping and somewhere nice for lunch. Not really what you probably fancy doing yourself, but she’ll most likely love it.

    Premier Icon madxela

    +1 for Harry Potter studios

    Premier Icon hatter

    If she’s at the ‘trad goth’ end of the greebo spectrum I(as opposed to metalhead/emoid) don’t underestimate the appeal of castles, stately homes etc.

    Most Gothic types I know have quite an affinity with old architecture, the more arcane looking the better, and have had since they were quite young.


    Clay pigeon shoot. Everyone enjoys blasting a few clays. Might improve her fashion sense too 😉

    Premier Icon Coyote

    +2 for Harry Potter. Went with my lad last year and don’t know who enjoyed it the most! It really is a fantastic day out.

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