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  • rogg

    Some French sweets that were so vile even the kids wouldn’t eat them
    A pair of nearly new hiking boots that don’t fit anyone in my family (size 3)
    A ‘Count Arthur Strong’ CD
    A Nokia phone charger (I don’t know anyone with a Nokia)
    A BMW 325i M50 inlet manifold and throttle body (I drive a SEAT)

    Premier Icon maccruiskeen

    I’ve been pulled over for an emissions test and the police have asked if they can have a quick look in the back of the van – I had a burnt corpse and severed head in a box.

    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    I have 3 absolutely massive marrows.

    ..and a shovel.


    Premier Icon tomhoward


    I’m joking of course! She isn’t my wife yet. Or concious.


    Maccruiskeen – please elaborate 😯

    I have a valentine card that I bought for my wife last year and promptly lost. She didn’t believe me and I just found it a few weeks ago.

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    2 rugs.
    A barbeque.
    Pair of hiking boots.
    A towel.
    2 sets of crown green bowls.
    Some lego.
    About 500 unoped letters, all addressed to me.
    A Nintendo DS complete with half a dozen games.
    A toffee hammer.

    Lady Gresley

    In the boot of my car? Errr, no idea, not been in it for ages. Now if you’d asked what’s in my panniers…

    Premier Icon maccruiskeen

    Maccruiskeen – please elaborate

    Thats what the copper said 🙂

    The burnt corpse was being used as part of a theatre performance and had to be set alight during each show so had a fabricated steel skeleton and was and wrapped in glass fibre cloth so that it could be burned without being burnt up if that makes sense. The orginal prop maker had copied a medical skelton but the one he copied was standing so it looked funny lying down. My job was to break all its limbs and re-weld so it lay on the floor more naturally. The box was something I’d been asked to pick up on the way so I was as surprised as the police were when I opened it 🙂


    A human turd that my dog has just vomited up.

    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    A human turd that my dog has just vomited up


    Premier Icon cloudnine

    A rolled up carpet containing a …. Err … Actually…


    One clean walking sock- inside out. Nothing else.

    Premier Icon kerbdog

    A kitbag full of ice hockey kit.
    A gym bag with 25 hockey pucks.
    A set of Us woodland goretex jacket/trousers
    Assorted bungees
    An MRE (cant remember what menu now)
    An old pair of skates
    A Pair of merrell sawtooth boots
    A folding Siskars pruning saw
    A cheapish orange handled spade.

    Yep my wife likes nothing more than taking my car to do the shopping only to find there’s no room in the boot.


    A massive muddy dust sheet. Some spare bulbs in a broken plastic box with most of the bulbs missing. Half a 2l bottle of water. Not much really.


    Just off the top of my head, a big Ikea carry bag with a waterproof dayglo and reflective jacket just in case, a 5ltr plastic chemical bottle full of screen wash, (the Octy takes 5 litres at a time), a blanket, and a couple of those big blanket things that removals people use to protect stuff, to cover the boot area when carrying a bike, a new Aldi sleeping bag in its bag, a couple of walking sticks I’ve made, for when I’m out walking on slippy ground, my Muckboots, an electric air pump for air mattresses, and a little case thing with spare bulbs, fuses, a few tools, and a nine-ton orange webbing tow-rope. Just in case, had it for years, not needed it yet.


    6 house bricks, a mattock , a trench spade and my laptop….. (best go and get it!!!)


    Roll of bin bags, gaffa tape, bunjee straps and an ice scraper


    24 tonnes of frozen chicken?

    Premier Icon tthew

    Tool bag.
    Bucket with 5 tonne bottle jack, 2 large Stilson Pipe Wrenches, hammer and Stanley Knife.
    Box with coats, gloves, jump leads, bottle of windscreen wash fluid, radiator coolant, Renault Kangoo jack, (from van now sold) etc.
    Lots of Bungie straps
    Bike rack
    Genesis Day One
    16″ Petrol powered Whacker Plate.


    A dead badger with a cub scout cap on it’s head. Someone on here that witnessed it might be along shortly.


    Approx 15 wooden coat hangers
    Tartan blanket
    Broken child’s cup
    Brand new Osprey pack that has been there about 3 months
    Various coats
    A brolly
    A spare wheel
    A polystyrene thing with all the holes in for the tools but no tools


    ‘One clean walking sock – inside out’



    Cleaning Agent
    Bin Liners
    Half Shovel
    Zip ties

    Plus a compressor, screwdriver, spanner.

    Premier Icon iainc

    Bag of PPE, a fleece and a track pump – I win most boring 🙂 but it is a BMW !!


    ^^ Nice and tidy though..


    Plenty of quick release straps, some plastic sheeting and a knife. Really.

    I also have some eye protection goggles, rubber gloves and a couple of throw away overalls.

    All the modern day serial killer needs. Or industrial site visitor.


    Yep, bag of PPE also. Hard hat, toecapped boots, waterproofs

    Premier Icon aracer

    Not as strange as some, but I’m probably the only one here with 2 unicycles in my boot. If inside the front counts for stuff which doesn’t fit in the boot, then a wing kayak paddle too.


    Track Pump, Bike Rack, Hiking Boots, SportsDirect bag with FF helmet, SportsDirect Bag with 2 pairs of trainers for riding plus knee pads.

    Small rucksack, shopping bag, 4 inner tubes various sizes, lightboard for bike rack. Sleeping bag, Thermarest mat Oh and a Bag Hide. 😀


    Tow rope,
    Duct tape,
    Spare gloves,
    Carrier bags,
    Old inner tubes,
    Five ten,


    Over the years we have found various things in customers boots while checking spare tyres etc
    Complete embalming kit
    Bee keeping equipment, hood/smoke pump etc
    Gay porn mags, customer was a family man.
    24 inch double ender
    Boot full to top with empty red bull cans, it was a golf the guy had taken out luggage shelf and just threw the empty cans over his shoulder when finished

    It is amazing the amount of general junk people carry in their boot year round

    sometimes I find a can of baked beans or something else left from the food shop which is handy.


    Used to have an old Landy with corn growing in the back.
    Leaked a bit so carpet was damp, spilt a bag of chicken feed, noticed some sprouting and left it to see how big it would get. About 3″.
    I have moss growing on the sliding door runner of my current van.

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