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    Not overtaken as such, but a few weeks ago I just managed to avoid hitting a guy just down from the ford at Worlds End the other side of Llangollen. He was in the middle of the road. Taking a crap. In a small red bucket. I had a fleeting bulls-eye view 😐

    My brain took too long trying to figure out “Was that bloke doing what it looked like he was doing?” to shout at him for being in the middle of the road.

    What bucket for BM’s? Up to you, but not in the middle of the road TYVFM


    crashed into the back of a bee once, my bottom lip was stinging for a while.
    Nearly had a head on with a bat once as well, it lifted just in time to skim the top of my lid.

    All the municycle riders I pass seem to be going in the opposite direction.

    Overtook a Dundonian on a mobility scooter on my commute last week, which I’ve never done before.
    and Dundonians are unusual, but I was in Dundee…


    Way back in 1981 when I was doing my boatbuilding training in Lowestoft, my flat mate had a tandem… In the morning’s on our way to the college at Oulton Broad, we would slip stream the Bird’s Eye artic’s as they made their way out and then overtake them for our daily adrenaline fix 😀

    Premier Icon tommyhine

    I overtook a Heron during take of down a canal footpath once, that was mighty impressive.

    I road for about 2 mins behind a great big badger on a night ride in Jan, same with a fox in dec.

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    Bloody horse-drawn gypsy caravans. There’s loads of them on the roads at the moment on the way to/from Appleby Fair. Locals know you can ignore them and just blast on past, on the bike or in the car, but tourists are massivly paranoid about startling the horses and try to eek past them at snails pace, like you would with “normal” horses and so won’t overtake unless there’s acres of space and miles of visibilty.

    Managed to overtake a line of about 5 cars, who were inline behind 3 caravans the other day, uphill too.


    I got overtaken by a big lump of wild animal poop on my last ride after I rode through it and it got flung back in my direction of travel off my rear wheel to land on the top of my helmet. Spent the next 20 mins trying to work out where the awful smell was coming from and why it was following me.

    I overtook a Mercedes going down Llanberis pass when I was young.

    55mph with no helmet,and on Canti brakes I’d have been skinned alive if I came off!!

    Dark Side

    I nearly hit a badger once on Kirkby fell, shit me right up it did!

    Last Summer In Tuscany I startled an Eagle sat at the roadside basking in the sun, it took off as I cut through the apex of a corner on my road bike very close top it. A magnificent but scary sight!


    On my motorbike I overtook a light aircraft, he was flying very low and following the A303. It was dusk so I wonder if he was running late and getting lost.


    I got overtaken by about 5 deer in Sherwood Forest several years back.
    it was dusk and I was on my own pootling back to the car park and they just appeared out of the woods on my right – ran past me along the track, then darted left and back into the woods.
    It was a bit eerie to be honest, almost ethereal, and I wondered for a while if I’d imagined it.

    I once overtook a horse drawn gypsy buggy with alloys uphill… I was riding a pedal powered rickshaw.


    Overtook a couple of blokes who were riding “filing cabinets” on that steep bit of road near Hardcastle Crags. I was on a road bike. 😉

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