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  • uni assignment. need stw help….amazingly
  • 5thElefant

    Heard of endrua (may own some, maybe). Never noticed any ads. No idea. No.


    I don’t go in for adverts so I’ve no idea what their current ranges are, and I never use adverts to buy stuff (Generally as I’m not exposed to them). I somehow have an inbuilt (no idea where it came from) feeling that endura is better than assos kit, and slightly more pricey, and that assos seems to be more XC related (from wandering round shops). I have no brand loyalty – I like what I like, not who makes it.

    Not sure if that helps at all, probably not as it’s nothing to do with their current adverts.

    All for lending a helping hand but I have no idea what adverts you’re talking about. It might help to at least post up some links or images of the ads in question.

    What are peoples perceptions of them as brands?
    My perception is that assos have positioned themselves at the premium end of the market at the expense of all else whereas endura try and maintain a presence across a wide range of budgets and cycling disciplines.

    Quality of kit?
    Endura, some good some not so, utilitarian and workmanlike. Assos, very high quality throughout the range.

    Do people have brand loyalty?
    When I’m buying something new I will always look first at the ranges from companies that I’ve had good experience of in the past. So I suppose that would count as brand loyalty.

    I think you need to put a bit more thought into your questions. Surely the experience, type of riding, disposable income, brand availability and many other factors would all influence whether someone would consider buying one brand over the other. These questions seem vague and a little simplistic.


    My personal experience of Endura is that their products are very poor quality. The newer Equipe range looks to address that a bit, but i still wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole. Endura can go *expletive* themselves.

    With regards Assos, have you seen this Facebook group? Probably nothing to do with the company whatsoever, but it’s fantastic marketing all the same.

    Assos Girl

    Assos Girl is married to Mr. Assos. They live in a castle in the principality of Monaco. Assos Girl does not know Mr. Assos’ first name. Her favorite hobby is smashing Fabergé Eggs on the floor of her castle in Monaco. This is why Assos cycling gear is the most expensive gear in the world.

    Okay, I own items from both brands.

    My advice is that you at least show the iniative and set up an online questionnaire.

    At the moment it feels like you want us to do your assignment for you.


    what are peoples perceptions of them as brands, quality of kit

    Assos – road oriented, high end specialist kit aimed at skinny road riders. Endura, I think of them as 70:30 MTB, Road. Good quality and value.

    how usefull there advertisements are?

    Never seen an Assos advert. Only seen a few Endura adverts, mainly for MTB stuff. Don’t read any road magazines so the Equipe stuff hasn’t featured.

    what sectors of the market you think they occupy?ie high cost and quality.

    Assos – upper level. Endura – mid level.

    Do people have brand loyalty?

    Assos – I definitely do! It’s the only kit I’ve tried that fits my skinny bod. I don’t get anything else now 😳 Endura – I look to them for my rainwear, but not exclusively. (The Equipe stuff is good, but still not as well cut as Assos)

    The adverts im comparing are the endura equipe range and the assos early winter clima range.

    1) These questions would be best in a quantitive survey, not as a bunch of questions that can get random or incomplete answers. Get the numbers!
    2) As mentioned above, show the adverts.


    i have two pictures if people could tell me how to upload them?

    Premier Icon maccruiskeen

    Endura stuff is pretty ubiquitous, you’ll find their ads in any mag (and and their clothes in any shop), thats why nobody can remember any of them, I know I can’t. Thats not to say they’re not successful.


    im doing an assignment on marketing of cycling clothing retailers,im comparing and analysing Assos and Endura.
    what are peoples perceptions of them as brands,quality of kit,how usefull there advertisements are? what sectors of the market you think they occupy?ie high cost and quality. Do people have brand loyalty?
    much appreciated.The adverts im comparing are the endura equipe range and the assos early winter clima range.
    as a regular poster i could do with a hand

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    My personal experience of Endura is that their products are very poor quality. The newer Equipe range looks to address that a bit, but i still wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole. Endura can go *expletive* themselves.

    A couple of years ago I think their quality control went a bit wayward and some of the sizing/fitting was a bit inconsistent too.

    I think now, they’re one of the best clothing companies out there. Good range of kit across both road and MTB, decent range of pricing.

    As to the OP, no idea. Hardly seen any adverts and I rarely buy clothing anyway – bought some Endura FS260 bibshorts a few weeks ago but that’s been the only bike stuff this year. Bought them cos it was what the shop had, they fitted well and it was in budget.

    They both link to the same image, and that is rotated through 90 degrees. Sorry fella but if you can’t be bothered to put a bit of effort into doing this neither can I.


    Endure – 15yrs ago was great, now it’s extremely poor quality, I would never buy Endura after having the last 4 purchases fall apart and get binned within weeks. Cheesy overworked photos in the adverts.
    Assos – expensive but lasts. I still use kit bought in 1998, fits, has good backup (ie free repair service), don’t think I’ve bought anything that hasn’t done what it’s supposed to do. Very Euro, good catalogue 🙂


    I see Endura as a ‘mainstream’ brand. They’re a Ford/Dell IMO. They’re plastered all over the magazines. I’ve got some of their shorts, they came apart at the seams… I taped the seam and sewed them back, so my manufacturing skill is better than theirs. Wouldn’t buy again.

    Assos is a more ‘aspirational’ brand. Apple/BMW. It costs more, but you’re paying for ‘better’, either for materials/service/performace/cut/R&D etc… I don’t recall seeing an actual Assos advert recently, but they are smart with their marketing/product imagery ie. the Assos girl which really stands out in shop ad pages and online.


    sorry (muppetwrangler) i missed out the / in the img url i wasnt not bothered as you put it,i appreciate any effort that people have put in.
    thanks to all who have contributed
    the two photos are of the ads one from Procycling (the assos one) and the other from Mbuk (endura)


    Endura always struck me as cheap mountain bike oriented kit that I didn’t associate with anything particularly great. Assos is way over priced but very well made high end roadie kit that has led the way for the likes of Castelli and more obviously Rapha, despite never having featured much in the pro peloton.

    Endura; kit for chubby mountain bikers.
    Assos; kit for cafe racers.


    Never bought assos. Never seemed particularly good value to me. Endura’s waterproof stuff is good, but neither of them have ever particularly impressed. Having worn lots of different brands over the years I’d choose Gore for high end and Specialized for everything else. Not swayed by ads, but do read reviews.


    Assos I associate with road clothes. Nice B&W/tinted winter pictures and expensive. Endura I think of MTB and own some Humvees, which I like a lot. Can’t recall an advert from memory.

    Brand loyalty – I like Pearl Izumi as that seems to fit nicely.

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