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    How out of touch is the MP that spends his time doing this? Quick poll around the office shows that no one gave a shit.

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    Is it only Catholics that are banned? Seems a bit liberal to me. We wouldn’t want a Scientologist either.

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    I guess, the law was put in place to ensure that Rome based unelected spongers don’t get control of the country.

    its easy not to give a shit if you don’t understand why this was put in place in the 1st place. Bit like why Phoney Bliar had to wait until he wasn’t the PM before he could become a catholic

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    Well it’s not exactly life and death, but if we’re going to have a monarchy (and me I’m a republican) then the present legislation is indefensible. A quick poll of my flat suggests that a 100 per cent of people (ie me) couldn’t give a **** what your office think.

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    Autumn Kelly, wife of the Queen’s grandson Peter Phillips, gave up her Catholic faith ahead of their 2008 wedding so her husband could retain his right to the throne. He is currently 11th in line to the throne.

    Did they then cross their fingers hoping for a bunch of relatives to die? Or, did being in the succession get him more cash?

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