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  • Umbrella co. Back pay HR-ists ASSEMBLE!!!
  • thestabiliser
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    Yo! Another employee relations roller coaster of excitement for you!

    Got told in june that a pay award had been agreed and would be backdated to October 21. PSR (public sector resourcing – yes those arseholes) have told my agency/umbrella co naff all since. Here’s the rub – i’m leaving my job to go to another employer. Sooooooo….will the pay still be honoured or is it tough titty for me and I’ll never see it?

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    Oooof, I really feel for you. PSR are horrific and have been the deciding factor in me not accepting a couple of contract roles.
    I can’t offer any advice, but it’s going to come down to what relationship your Umbrella has with them and what relationship you have with the Umbrella. Remember the contract is between you and the Umbrella. Any changes to rates should be reflected in (changes to) that contract. I use the same Umbrella Co for all inside contracts and so (in my head at least) they have more interest in keeping my relationship with them sweet.
    I wouldn’t be holding my breath though TBH.

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    Was the backdated pay agreement communicated to you in writing/by email?
    Are you sure it applied to contractors?
    Have you talked with your end client about this and explained that neither PSR nor your umbrella are communicating with you?
    Has the end client paid the backdated amount to your umbrella as pay when paid is applied by umbrellas?
    IF you can confirm the backdated agreenent applies to contractors, I would say you have a legal entitlement and PSR/your umbrella are under a legal obligation to pay.
    Any legal entitlement/obligation doesn’t end when you leave.

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    Yeah it was all officially “commsed”, ASW pay award and PSR were “developing an implementation plan”, cos its the first time ever in history theres been a change in pay rates so no precedent anywhere whatsoever :/. I reckon theyre sat on about 2 million quid (not all mine) BASTARDS!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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