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  • mbr30

    Clearly this was meant to be in the bike section! One eye on the footie..

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    It’s great and won’t feel at all short – plenty of other trails there too.
    Can you map read?


    Anyone done this? Looks really good albeit quite short


    Rode this last week. OK it is not epic in length but it is a great ride, good technical challenges and a brilliant final descent, watch your wayfinding at the top you want to be on the bigger more obvious path. I think it took 3 hours and we were taking it very easy.

    Met two German guys who had also got the route from MBR – they were very tidy riders.

    We went to Whinlatter afterwards, 45 minutes away and good fun/contrast.


    Might do this on Sunday


    It’s a short ride but a very good one. That section of single track does indeed rate as among the very best I’ve ridden.

    A mate and I did it as a morning ride on a Monday before driving back to the south and following two monster days out over the weekend.

    Technically it’s a better route to do south to north, but from a ride enjoyment perspective, I think it works better as the end to whatever else you’ve done that day.

    As a short loop, via Boredale Hause, it will take about three hours. You can however build into an all day epic by doing it as the last section of High Street.

    When I did High Street, I think that if it had not been for the Ullswater section I would have been a little disappointed with the ride.


    Aye, it’s a nice bit of trail- not much descent in their route though.

    I would extend the route like this-

    – Start in Pooley Bridge then head south east out of the village to Roe Head.

    – Once you get to the Roman Road turn right, then right again to descend back to the lake at Howtown.

    – Follow the road to Martindale Common, then climb the bridleway from Dale Head to Boredale Hause.

    – From there you can rejoin the lakeside trail.

    Good luck cleaning some of the uphill stair sets! I never can, but had a mate who could.


    Theres actually two Bridleway descents that run parallel towards Side farm,the higher one is the one used in the MBR shoot,and its very easy to miss it out,theres lots of variations in the area it depends what kind of trails you prefer really,The Ullswater singletrack is easily some of the best technical riding in the lakes but its important to avoid busy times to make it enjoyable.

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