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  • Rorschach

    British Gnarpoon Parade?
    Uk Dandyhorse Shindig?

    I’d have thought after trying a coupe of other times and it it working out you would quit whilst your ahead and not bother doing it again.
    I think he will have his work cut out given how well the races put on by pmba and other smaller “regional” races are run and attended.

    A majority of these events are well attended as they can be entered as single day races. As people have family commitment wa and time restraints then they can ride for a day with their pals all together and stil race. It’s people like this that make up most of the entries.

    There will always be the same venues used as places like dyfi, grizedale, Innerleithen area are the only places that have a big area and network of trails that can be used to put on a “national” level event.

    Are any of these races going to be ews qualifiers? The gap between a national uk enduro series up to ews level is huge. (If people aspire to race ews which is a small amount of people)

    I wish him luck but it won’t come easy.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    the 3 day format will be the challenge for most, just plotting a trip up for a national round and EWS quali round should only be 5 days in total 🙂 though I have a very flexible job.
    If you want to do the fun thing then turning up friday night and racing all weekend. EWS quali status will help with numbers if there is a UK round to get into, big thing will be avoiding clashes with the events people have enjoyed.


    the 3 day format is a killer for myself. But after the WGES round at dyfi it reminded me that I do love the ‘bigger’ races. I always liked the way ‘UK enduro’ let you race blind on sunday. that worked really well for me. got to ride 6 or 7 good natural stages in one day of blind racing and not piss the wife and kids off.

Viewing 4 posts - 41 through 44 (of 44 total)

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