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  • superfli

    Yup saw plenty of dust today. Like yoy, my bike was completely mud free posy ride! God i love the south…..sometimes

    🙂 I haven’t cleaned my bike for the last three rides. Out with night shift tomorrow and it won’t need cleaning again. I love this unusual situation.

    Me too, I never knew so many Orange Fives could be in the same place at once.


    Never been so chuffed to get dust blown i my eyes…

    Premier Icon billyboy

    You may not credit this but for the past few weeks I’ve been running away from the weather and the mud to the South Downs.

    Today three of us were in sunshine and we were kicking up dust on some of the descents.

    It was bloody cold and the wind from the north east was annoying, but what a brilliant afternoon! And none of us will have to clean our bikes because they didn’t get dirty

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I was out in a t-shirt at comrie on sunday… No dust that I saw but a gorgeous day.


    Didn’t see much dust on my local part of the South Downs on Sunday. Just frost that then almost instantly turned to the stickiest, clagiest mess ever. So much so that I couldn’t turn the pedals on one half mile stretch. Massive sense of humour fail. Nice in the frost though.


    Cotswolds mud glorious mud 😀


    Bit of dust/dry trails and some nice sunshine up on Farleton Knott yesterday with a few other STWers. Bit weird with views of snowy peaks all around but very pleasant.


    How are the North Downs at the moment ?


    Been out round the trails in exmoor today. Amazingly dry. Just got back to the campsite and put the bike straight back in the bike bag as no cleaning required. Really cold and frozen on the moor tops though so I stayed mostly in the combes.

    Premier Icon mattjg

    Surrey’s looking good today, cold, slight frost this morning, sunny all day, aiming for a daylight power hour this evening. Holmbury on Sunday was at 7/10.

    Some rain due tomorrow.


    driest its been all year in Surrey 😛


    all this dry weather and i’m at home coughing up brown mucus due to a chest infection 🙁


    Clear blue skies all day, but still chilly here in East Sussex. Im expecting mainly firm trails, with the odd 2 foot deep quagmire on our local trails tonight. Most routes have been completely unrideable since November, so tonight should be fun!!

Viewing 16 posts - 1 through 16 (of 16 total)

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