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  • UK Gravity Enduro- Afan rd 1 – Who's in?
  • After reading Roly Lambert’s highly entertaining article on his memories of being a lone-rider, it got me worrying – that could be me!

    I’ve signed up for the whole series (wanted something to commit to this year), so I was wondering if there’s a STW contigent that have signed up?

    Like that pathetic kid at school who reeked of deperation I will laugh at all your jokes and make you feel mildly uncomfortable. 😀

    Apparently, no one.


    Im in for the Afan one.

    Mister P

    I will be there in the lovely blue Shimano van and awning spinning the spanners.

    Premier Icon johnny

    I’m in for all 5, although Inners might prove a weekend too far. (away)

    Hob Nob

    I’m doing the first, and last two. Most of the people I rode with are doing all 5 but I’m too lazy to drive to the others.


    Afan for me, can’t wait 🙂

    Premier Icon Northwind

    eightyeight – Member

    After reading Roly Lambert’s highly entertaining article on his memories of being a lone-rider, it got me worrying – that could be me!

    Enduro’s generally friendlier (and possibly you are not as much of a weirdo 😉 )

    Also, Steve’s series uses seeded times so even people who go with their mates will most likely end up riding around with randoms. I can only do inners due to work but it should be good


    All 5 entered 😀

    Thanks Lord Felcham for re-starting this, was beginning to think it was something I said….

    Thanks for all your responses.

    Just debating with myself whether to stay somewhere in Afan, or stay with the ‘rents in Bristol and ‘commute’ from there? I should probably say now, I’m a complete wuss and don’t really want to camp.

    Other than Afan I will be driving from Manc, so if anyone wants to split the petrol (Inners especially) let me know.

    Might see a few of you at HTN in a couple of week 😀

    Just bumping this as it’s this weekend.

    Anyone else in?


    I’m in, although nearly not in due to a low bridge roof rack related impact. Luckily got away with a bent roof rack and a scuffed bike but all running well.
    Really looking forward to it, not done any proper gravity type racing in years so will be fun to have a stab. Does any one know roughly the distance to be covered on the day?


    The route map for Afan is on the Gravity enduro site, I believe the route is @30k with 2k elevation. It’s going to be a muddy weekend if the rain keeps up!


    double post

    Premier Icon kimbers

    im in, just about to order some new sealskinz! campingtoo, its gonna be moist

    I’m wussing out and commuting from Brizzle Saturday and Sunday so not camping.

    Have just had a nice impulse purchase on CRC though – Oakley proven MX goggles.

    Chopchop – I’m going to assume that’s 2,000 feet….

    Hob Nob

    According to the route, 32km and 2500/3000ft of climbing.


    Left it too late to get in for Afan, but am riding the last two.
    Would like to do the others, especially Inners but long drives and the fuel costs are getting silly.
    Have fun!

    Phew – if it was 2000m, i’d be quietly making my excuses.

    See you all Saturday. I’ll be on a black boardman FS pro if you want to say hello. Oh and for reference when you’re passing me my preferred shout is ‘Rider left/right’, I can then cower appropriately.

    I’ll be there, the whole series in fact. It’s time to see if all the training has paid off…

    ron jeremy

    Oh is this, this weekend, I may well wonder over and have a look see, I think I’ll bring the dog and a camera and just have a general nose, if so I’ll be the guy with the mad but soft and daft black and white staffie

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