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  • mrmo

    brooks saddles, i think clarks cables are uk? Renthal bars if they ever make it to market. beyond that? not a huge amount is actually made in the UK.

    X lite used to design rims but I reckon they were made somewhere other than britain.

    Curtis make frames

    Hope hubs, hope stem, hope brakes, hope headset, middleburn cranks, burgtec pedals, burgtec bars, x lite seat post (are USE british?)


    USE are British…

    Premier Icon CHB

    USE are British, but which of their stuff is MADE in Britain?
    O am sure the old seatposts were, and the lights, but are the carbon bars made in blighty?

    Premier Icon seven

    I’ve asked this before, but post new forum so forgotten all the answers.

    I’m wanting to try and build a bike using only uk designed (and made if possible) parts. so apart from the obvious brakes, hubs and cranks, which uk companies make all the other parts I’ll need?



    Premier Icon seven

    Thanks for info so far..

    but what about gears and stuff? any uk companies designing these parts?

    Premier Icon turboferret

    Middleburn cranks are now forged in Italy (used to be in Wales), but are machined and anodised etc in the UK, still pretty British though 🙂

    Rings and hubs are all fully UK.

    Cheers, Rich

    I think you’ll be having to go single speed as I can’t think of a single British company that make gear shifters.

    Premier Icon nickjb

    sturmey archer?


    i would have though tyres would be hardest to spec


    get one of these:


    An original Pace- alot of that was home grown, might struggle now tho’


    I’m doing the same thing. Unfortunately there is little chance of getting a bike built up with UK bike parts (whether designed in the UK, by a notionally British firm, or made in the UK). My shopping list so far:

    Pace 405 frame (or an Orange 5)
    Pace (DT Swiss) forks
    Middleburn crankset
    Hope brakes, hopes, stem, seat clamp (if it is the right size)
    Use seatpost and handlebars
    Could go for DMR flats, but only ride spds
    Brooks or Charge saddle
    No chance on the shifter-derailluers
    Tyres ???

    I think my aim is going to be to put as much of the budget into the UK economy.


    best buy a good value bike and invest the rest in a uk start up or similar.


    Burgtec bars and post are made in taiwan as are use carbon bars.
    i would suspect that clarks cables are just “packed” in the UK, therefore are classed as “made in the UK”

    Pace frames are made in taiwan, then assembled in the uk
    Orange hardtails are all made in taiwan, but the full sus bikes are made in halifax still

    Its a bit slack when quite a few companies trade as made in brittain when half their range is either made abroad or 99% of it is done abroad. I spose its a case of where to draw the line


    There is a hierarchy for CoO ‘authenticity’, from all of the (non-consumption part of) the circuit of capital operating in a particularly country, to none but the brand is associated with a particularly country and its heritage (e.g. most of what Burberry produce).

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