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  • UK Citizenship test – how do you get on?
  • Premier Icon jam bo

    67%. Fail.

    good job i have a passport eh…

    Premier Icon Brother_Will

    67% here still a fail though, alot more difficult than i thought it would be certainly glad i dont have to take it for real lol

    Fail 64%

    does that mean I have to go to France?

    Failed, seemed to me that there were lots of "benefit/entitlement" questions. No good for me I was never entitled/claimed for anything.

    Premier Icon vinnyeh

    67% and fail.
    Will have to take it one day, and pay through the nose for the privilege. What does answering 24 multichoice questions test anyway?

    Premier Icon Stoner

    63% bunch of bollox.


    i got 54%, please someone deport me now… may be to canada where the best MTBing is 🙂


    63%. Luckily for me I live in france.

    Another 67%.

    Disappointing lack of meaningful questions: "When are trails cheeky?" "What threat might redsocks pose on a technical descent?"

    I mean, what actual useful stuff are they teaching our new friends and neighbours?

    54% FAIL.
    I might have a hunt for an online one for the motherland France and see if I do any worse there!

    38% (fail). What a load of tripe! 🙄 If these are the things you need to know about the UK, then I'm glad I'm living in Germany. I'll not give up my UK passport though. 😈


    71% and still a fail. Does this mean we'll all be shipped off to the gulags? Who will be left to keep the trails open?

    Question 24 was a tricky one , "What tyres for riding undetected throught the channel tunnel ?"

    I failed! When do I leave? Will they pay for my flights out? 🙄

    Got to say that is a stunningly bad test, knowing the hours a 13-16 year old can work in a school week is certainly going to stump any would be terrorists from gaining access to the UK…..not.


    46% what did most of that bollocks have anything to do with being a UK citizen?


    54% fail. I wonder what percentage of the current uk population could actually pass this test?


    63% Fail

    I live in France, does this mean I wont be let back in?

    How does knowing this sort of rubbish set you out as being a suitable British citizen?

    Mrs Toast

    63%, fail!

    Pretty shocked, actually – where were the questions like, "Is it acceptable to serve Yorkshire Puddings with roast chicken?"


    54% Fail…. mmmmm

    Premier Icon Capt. Kronos

    42%… when do I leave.

    And can I chose where they send me????


    63% FAIL, and I guessed randomly on loads…

    Grumm, I can't imagine there are that many UK citizens who can pass that. I thought it was interesting what sort of things they decided was relevant for an emigrating person to know. Nothing about our culture or habits, about our norms of behaviour. I was hoping for questions like:

    "Which is correct: colour or color?"

    Premier Icon Drac

    54% I have very little idea about religion or politics as neither I have any interest in. Seemed to be a lot of questions around these so that was me stumped. And what has how days schools stay open got to do with me wanting to be a resident of a country?


    what a truly eclectic mix of questions with little relevance to life in this country……I wonder if it is designed to be difficult to pass?
    48% in 3 mins mind
    School days no ides but I could work out 38×5 – as they close on BH + elections I am still not sure what the real answer is.

    Premier Icon theotherjonv


    Colleague at work has an american wife who had to take the test and he showed me the book. Some of it is quite interesting but as said above, it focuses on some specific areas and then it's pretty easy to spot the questions after that. The immigration one being an example.

    It doesn't really measure whether you're a good citizen or not (since I consider I am yet – speak the language, understand the culture, never been in trouble with the law, pay my taxes, etc. – but failed the test. But in it's defence, it does make potential immigrants learn a bit about the country and the culture as well as knowing what ACAS does!

    58% and not entirely sure how much of that makes me a poor UK citizen. When did women get the right to divorce there husbands? An important date to be sure but do you really need to know that to live here today?
    Fortunately the wife failed as well so we can be deported together, she will not need to divorce me 🙂

    Premier Icon alexonabike

    75% in 2 mins 40 secs.


    …and I have a foreign birth certificate.

    Premier Icon darrell

    33% thank **** i live in Norway


    haha, 29% …


    50summat% fail. I was disappointed that there wasn't a 'waste of public money' option as an answer to the 'what is a quango?' question!

    You have failed the practice citizenship test.

    Questions answered correctly: 14 out of 24 (58%)

    Time taken: 04 minutes 24 seconds

    Oh dear, can I be repatriated to somewhere nice and warm with great hills and open minded women ?

    Premier Icon Stoner

    So, much like the government favoured SATS, you're expected to revise for the test from a set text.

    How is that supposed to make a distinction between those who wish to become integrated citizens and those who just want the passport?

    Since STW forumites, dare I say it, represent a fairly rounded group with above average intellect (with a few notable exceptions 🙂 ) its extraordinary that genuine UK citizens find the test so difficult or not even relevant to citizenship.

    I wonder how much that lot cost? 😉

    Premier Icon stumpyjon

    54% I'll get my coat.

    Thorougly disappointed with the test though, anyone who's prepared to learn a load of facts and figues is in regardless of whether they understand the culture. 🙄


    42 % fail..Load of old tosh..

    And looking throught the posts it looks like only one of us will be left behind to turn out the lights!


    38% here! Doh!


    Mrs soops got 50%.
    Is it time to leave!



    Although either my local hospital or the questionaire has it wrong!

    You can attend a hospital without a GP's letter only in the case of an emergency True/False

    They say true, but when living up in Fife I wasn't registered with a local GP and used A+E twice, fractured kneecap and infected wound, neither an emergancy as I had left them both for over a week before I went to get them looked at to see if they would go away on their own…

    67% for not actually caring how many people under the age of 19 are in the UK.. Seriously, will that actually affect my day to day functioning as a citizen? Will I not be able to do my job if I don't know if it's the "Council of Europe" or the "Council of the European Union"??

    I did learn something though: Why do Irish people get a vote here? My English parents don't get a vote there, even though they've lived there for 9 years.. WTF???

    Why do Irish people get a vote here?

    Postcolonial guilt ?

    b r

    58% for me, obviously we should read and memorise the book, which no doubt has all the answers…

    One of my ex-staff members (US) became a UK citizen a few years ago, on a business trip I quizzed him from the book. There were a number of questions I got wrong – including the hospital one, as in my 'English' mind anyone can go to a hospital – as the question is badly written.

    Also there was also one on immigration – groups who came to the UK in the 1900's – and the answer included 'Poland' – but that didn't exist as a country in modern times until 1919 – so I got that wrong too…


    67% -Fail!

    As somebody who is well-educated, well-read, keeps abreast of current affairs and has managed to survive in the UK for 30-odd years, I'm disappointed….

    … the poor quality of that test.

    Does this suggest that a large majority of UK subjects are considered unsuitable to be so???

    I wonder whether France or Canada will take me as an asylum seeker from a regime that doesn't want me?

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