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    I know I pop up on Jedi threads quite a bit, but there is a reason, he is good, & more importantly he is a good bloke, nice to hear you feel the same.
    All the best to Tony, keep on doing what yo do best feller.


    Tony/Jedi is a lovely guy and I had a great days coaching with him. It was easily the best value for money spend on the bike and I walked away not only feeling like I had actually progressed with my riding bit also having thoroughly enjoyed myself.

    Good coffee too!

    That is all.

    Big M

    Love it! A few of us had a session with Tony, great day, money well spent. Always makes me smile thinking about it. Whenever I ride now I hear Tony’s voice “head up”
    I’m planning to go back in the spring, I need to get more jumping done.


    Went riding with Tony in Chamonix once. Things that are inappropriate for a public forum happened. I can still hear his voice in my head when I’m in bed at night. :-\


    kind words, thanks 🙂


    +1 for Tony, I was buzzing for weeks after my session with him last year. Top stuff!

    Every time I ride now, I can feel what I’m doing wrong and rectify it, I had no clue before!


    Can only agree with the comments above. I was on one of his public singletrack sessions this week and it was brilliant, has given me loads more confidence.

    I can’t wait for monday, I’m on one of his Jumps & drops sessions!


    Funny that when i’ve been to Tony’s i’m always a bit “conscious” of my riding, and find i am a bit tense, and perhaps also clumsy when trying new stuff. But then a few weeks later, things click without me realising it. The other day i bunny hopped a fairly sizable ditch across the swoopy bit of single track i was riding without even really thinking about it. Amazing, considering i can’t actually bunny hop………

    (One day, i’ll manage to do all the stuff i would like to at Herts 😉

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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