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  • z1ppy

    big shiney yellow thing, not to worry before long the normal murky looking rain clouds apeared & put pay to it.

    Yep, once. Over Boscome. Fast, low, silent and very bright light, like a searchlight, but moving in a straight track. Am sure it could be explained, but I had nothing to explain it as. Not enough noise for a helo, as in none at all. Ditto anything jet powered. Wasn’t a search light, as it moved across too much of the horizon and at the wrong track/height. Witnessed by someone with me at the time.


    Topic of conversation in the shop yesterday.,

    anyone see anything in the sky they could not explain?


    Fast, low, silent and very bright light, like a searchlight, but moving in a straight track.

    Use to see that a lot (like tens a night) from where I worked nightshift. Commercial aircraft many miles away (so you can’t hear them). Front lights are very very bright, and at that distance impossible to tell the orientation of the aircraft, so describing its movements probably doesn’t relate to what the aircraft was actually doing.


    I ride at night a lot & always look skyward to take in moon & stars but never see anything untoward.

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    Something like CaptainFlashHeart saw, 15 years or more ago, at the top of Streatley Hill, witnessed by another with me at the same time. Incredibly bright white ball of light, from horizon to horizon in about two seconds. Incomprehensibly fast.
    For years I wondered what it might have been. Eventually I found out that Meteorites sometimes pass through the atmosphere from one side to another, perhaps what was what it was.


    Not a UFO as such but back in 2000 I was in Jerusalem having dinner on a rooftop restaurant with a view over the Temple Mount. From the top of the temple there was what I can only describe as a black beam of “light” heading straight upwards into the sky. Others with me saw the same thing. I had not been drinking 🙂

    Temple mount is in pic below.

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    Once saw three lights in the sky – way brighter than the stars around them

    They moved slowly off together, same distance apart then sped up really really really fast

    Didn’t go over the horizon tho…just went out (like travelling away from us)

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    Yeah, a few summers ago there was a silver cigar shaped thing (between the single mast and the larger twin masts above llangollen, and it looked about half the size of the masts) rotating along its vertical axis (a bit like the top of a radar dish on ships), so you could see the sun reflecting off it as it span.

    I was the other side near the castle, and as I was gawping at it a lady with her dog walked past me, I pointed it out and she went “oh yes look at that! I wonder what it is!” then just walked off like she’s used to that sort of thing 🙄

    I carried on watching for about 5 mins, started riding and between looking at the road and looking at it, it just disappeared 😯

    As a sceptic in all things paranormal it was an eye-opener I must admit. Nothing as strange before or since.


    You can report your sightings at http://www.richplanet.net
    I know some people going to see the man’s talk this May.
    Should be good.
    One of his more outspoken moments:


    yes, many years ago. Flying around the nights sky is Solihull. Seen by myself, my sister and a few others. Erratic movements, silent, and very fast changes in direction, combined with hovering …

    And it defn wasn’t a plane/ helicopter/the sun/balloon/kite/laser pen etc …

    And fortunately for us, no rectal probes …

    My dad saw something back when I was a kid; he was out walking the dog near York, flat open farm land and says he saw 3 bright white lights sat stationary in a line, he watched them for a while at which point they merged into one a shot up vertically at a silly speed.

    He a standard Yorkshireman and doesn’t subscribe to much so I’ve no reason not to believe.


    There was This earlier this month .

    I read Above Top Secret when I was a teenager ,interesting and boring in equal measure ,but some of the reports made for good stories and there does seem to be a lot of activity that’s not easily explained.


    Crossed over a fireroad on the chase one night last year and out of the corner of my eye I noticed two bright lights about 5m above the fireroad moving slowly and silently.

    Turned round and went back to look (as you do)

    It was a portable radio dish being pushed along by some TA/Mountain Rescue types. I understand they were on manoeuvres that night

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    roughly 15 years ago:

    i was driving, i saw a lightning strike half(ish) a mile away. As i looked over to the patch of sky where the lightning had come from, about 5 balls of light appeared below the cloud, and rose back up into the cloud.

    not exactly ‘close encounters’ but it’s all i’ve got.

    Often seen things I couldn’t identify … but who hasn’t 🙂

    I think that the most remarkable “UFO fact” is that back in the 70s and 80s when camcorders were relatively rare, much more (extremely ropey and fuzzy) “UFO” footage was recorded than today, (when most people have full HD recording devices in their pockets all day long).

    You would think that if UFOs were genuinely weird phenomena, that the evidence would be mounting and the quality improving … but its not?

    Weird eh?

    I suspect a conspiracy!

    yep. Yellow ball of light whilst out on a ride. a couple fo years ago. Hovering back and forth locally one evening, low down, moving between two points, back and forth quickly then to the left and right a little.

    Only saw it as 3 men were at the side of the road gauping and looking into the sky. I stopped to see what they were looking at. Previous sightings had made the front page of the local papers and been featured for a few weeks before hand.

    One man just turned to me and said ‘what is it?’. I mentioned the local papers sightings and pictures and we watched it for maybe 5 to 7 minutes. The whole experience was very surreal.

    As I said it moved back and forth between two points.I used a map when I got home and recon it was hovering over two large wooded areas, kind of scanning, about a mile a part. Rough calculation suggests 454.5 miles per hour between points.

    Anyway it slowly then went into the distance winding and staying low.


    Sadly no. But I keep looking.

    Having read probably all the books and TV shows on the subject I have failed to notice anything other than my own boring optimism.
    The excitement has wained and the boring realisation has settled into ” if there were UFO’s/Aliens, then why don’t they just pop over and say Hi, or blast us into bits”??

    I’ve become a sceptic in my middle age.

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    We do have HD recording devices in our pockets, but capturing something moving around in the sky is extremely difficult with a phone, if not impossible.

    if there were UFO’s/Aliens, then why don’t they just pop over and say Hi, or blast us into bits??

    Prime directive innit.

    My Dad was rational as you like, ex copper with no time for the paranormal etc. He was driving home on a back road on Anglesey in the mid 80s with a friend in the car when a white hot ball of something came hurtling through the sky and hit the road about 20ft ahead of them. It was about 3ft across and exploded on impact. He had to slam on the brakes to avoid it and there was a small crater with signed edges on the road afterwards. No clue to this day what it was – ball lightning perhaps or a small meteorite or perhaps falling space junk or something discharged from a plane.


    one night i saw three lights come from the horizon while dropping something off at a neighbor@s, didn’t think too much of it as we were on a flight path and often saw the front lights of aircraft circling for manchester airport. i looked up 10 seconds later and was shocked to see them overhead and travelling at some speed, i ran in his house and we both went to the back and watched them disappear above us one after the other. the thing is i’d always wanted to see something, but when i did, i was so scared that my hair was literally standing up! it was the speed that they initially moved, too fast…

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