Ubuntu netbook remix… (sad wannabe geek content)

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  • Ubuntu netbook remix… (sad wannabe geek content)
  • IvanDobski

    **** it's fast!

    Just made a USB stick boot drive to demo the netbook remix after getting fed up with my XP netbook crawling along and it flies, even running from the USB. I've been wanting to do this for ages but tbh I always suspected I'd **** it up. If anyone knows of any good Linux programs worth checking out let me know.

    I'm off to de-windows my other laptop.


    Just work through the options in the Ubuntu Software Centre, you'll find lots of good stuff there. You might want to tweak your software sources also.

    Linux just keeps getting better and easier, although there is definitely a steep learning curve at first. I've been using various types of linux for a few years now, it's definitely the way forward.

    Top tip, not all software is in the Software Centre, and don't be scared of the command prompt e.g. 'sudo apt-get install googleearth' does what it says on the tin. Search engines are your friend.

    There is a program out there for logging bike rides, although I must admit I don't use it.

    I have to say unfortunately I still need to keep a dual boot with XP to run Autocad, even though I have a copy of Crossover Office, which happily runs Office 2007 and Silent Hunter 3 on Ubuntu 9.10.

    Welcome back to real computing and geekdom 😯 😆

    Premier Icon keppoch

    Yep it is very good.

    I am new to the whole Linux thing and it works a treat. No regrets but interested in the ability to run MS office (and yes I know open office is pretty good).



    I only problem I found with Mint 7.0 and others was hardware drivers for modern wifi cards and also the ability to connect via WPA2 TKIP/PSK ?

    Otherwise was great – I/when I get a new laptop I shall put Ununtu/Mint on it 🙂

    I know you can use Wine – discountinued and The Sun microsystems one I think to run office programs?

    Nope I was wrong – Wine HQ http://www.winehq.org/


    I have been using it for 3-4 months now and also am impressed with the speed and programmes that you can get from the download centre. I have it loaded on a laptop now and also a netbook, laptop is fine, but I have one or two issues with the netbook (Samsung NC10). The battery management does not work so that you can see what remaining battery life you have available when working off the mains, if you flatten the battery, despite plugging it in, it will not re-charge. Both are known issues with the Samsung. I am sure that some computer giant will be able to offer a solution, as long as I manage to ask the correct question in Google. Also, I cannot find any TV dongles that will work with it at present, but again If I ask the correct question I'll now doubt get help from the experts. Overall, I have no intention of going back to Windows again.


    its bl00dy excellent isnt it.

    it has a twinge every now and again, as all OSs do (even apple, apple munchers) but a spritley google always gets you sorted in no time 😀

    also, if theres a "snazzy thingy" on windows or apple, its bound to have been either copied by a linux fanboy, or more likely, originated from linux anyway!

    how does the netbook remix differ from regular ubuntu?
    im thinking of getting a Solid state HDD for my laptop, to stop the noise, and keep it cool, and increase battery life.

    i'll be putting it on my "media centre" pc when it arrives (free from work)


    "TV dongles that will work with it at present,"

    Loads work with linux, assuming you want freeview, google "linux DVB USB".

    Or i can recommend the one I use on my mythtv box, cheap off ebay too.

    See here:
    Mythbox Hardware


    "Solid state HDD for my laptop, to stop the noise,"

    "and keep it cool,"

    "and increase battery life."
    Nope. Makes no noticeable difference.

    Get a good one though (intel or crucial/other indilinx based) and it's FAST. Biggest upgrade you can do to any modern machine, makes so much difference.


    Olly – Member

    how does the netbook remix differ from regular ubuntu?

    The netbook remix is just a simplified version of the 9.10 distro optimised to run without optical drives, massive hard drives etc etc. Other than that it's not much different apparently, hence it being a remix and not a new distro.

    It's got Firefox, openoffice and a load of other stuff preinstalled and it found my wi-fi and connected to the web a lot faster than I expected.



    TVM, I knew someone would offer help, cheers 😀

    I picked up a deal on an OS free laptop and stuck Ubuntu on it, fully expecting to get Win 7 when it was released since I was really impressed with the beta on my desktop.

    I'm still running only Ubuntu on the laptop actually installed it on the desktop and haven't booted into 7 since February (beta only anyway, didn't bother buying it. It's good but the cash will go on a SSD for the laptop instead).

    Maybe not on the netbook but Compiz is pretty cool, the 3d cube is great but my main tip is get used to using the virtual desktops and learn the keyboard shortcuts to switch between them (ctrl-alt left, ctrl-alt right) – not just as workspaces but 'slide' applications from one to the other. Email on one, browser on the other, it's almost like having multiple monitors.

    Cairo dock if you like Mac style docks (but fully customisable).

    I found this basic but simple and useful

    Also here

    Skype beta is working well for me.

    Tonnes of free software a click away in the Software Centre is awesome.


    Lots of Compiz stuff will run on a netbook with Intel GMA950 graphics. The only thing that doesn't run smoothly on my eeepc is occasional glitches with burn, the only way to close windows.

    For compatible USB or PCI TV decoders, the MythTV website is worth a visit for compatible hardware info. I run a media server with 64 bit Ubuntu and dual Hauppauge Nova-T cards, which keeps a family of four happy watching TV on 5 different front ends.

    I couldn't get MS Office to run on Ubuntu (with Wine) until I got CrossOver, its worth the few quid, works really well.

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    The netbook remix is just a simplified version of the 9.10 distro optimised to run without optical drives, massive hard drives etc etc. Other than that it's not much different apparently, hence it being a remix and not a new distro.

    It's got a different UI as well – windows use less vertical space, which is handy on a 600px screen.

    You can switch to standard desktop though (tried 9.04NBR on my Eee901 when upgrading from 8.04 but I found if I switched to standard and then back to NBR, it bricked it – installed the desktop version and haven't looked back. I suspect that recent updates have probably fixed that and chances are it doesn't affect other models).

    Make sure you install Adobe Flash instead of the yoghurt-weaving equivalent, because the latter is rubbish (and won't work with iPlayer of course).

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